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Paris, 1789. The French Revolution turns a once-magnificent city into a place of terror and chaos. 

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Game description

Paris, 1789. The French Revolution turns a once-magnificent city into a place of terror and chaos. Its cobblestone streets run red with the blood of commoners who dared to rise up against the oppressive aristocracy. As the nation tears itself apart, a young man named Arno will embark on an extraordinary journey to expose the true powers behind the Revolution. His pursuit will throw him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transform him into a true Master Assassin.

Introducing Assassin’s Creed® Unity, the next-gen evolution of the blockbuster franchise powered by an all-new game engine. From the storming of the Bastille to the execution of King Louis XVI, experience the French Revolution as never before, and help the people of France carve an entirely new destiny.

Key Features


Play as Arno, an entirely new breed of Assassin, more lethal than his ancestors. Take down your prey with a range of new weapons such as the Phantom Blade, a Hidden Blade with crossbow capabilities.


Enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom and control over your Assassin, brought to life by the new Anvil engine.

  • Full motion control: new parkour mechanics for seamless free running up, across, and down city walls and buildings.
  • A reinvented fighting system provides a richer combat experience based on skill, timing, and flow.
  • Enhanced stealth gameplay including new stealth mode, cover system and crowd manipulation techniques. Stay hidden, stalk your prey and strike without warning.


Craft your own unique play style by choosing your weapons, gear, outfit and specialized skills. Mix and match from hundreds of possible combinations and build your Stealth, Fighting, and Navigation abilities from a new expansive skill tree. Become the ultimate Master Assassin.


Carve your way through a stunning full scale, open world city, a feat only possible through the power of the new Anvil engine.

  • Explore detailed building interiors and discover secret underground catacombs and sewers.
  • Embark on Ancestral Missions, Treasure Hunts, Murder Mysteries, Contracts and more. The city is packed full of activities that will captivate you for hours
  • Witness the chaos of the French Revolution first-hand by immersing yourself in realistic, systemic crowds of up to 5,000 AI driven characters.


In addition to an epic Singe Player campaign, join up to three friends and experience the online open world of 18th century Paris. Pull off ambitious Heists and take part in unique narrative driven missions designed exclusively for cooperative play. Sabotage an execution. Protect an emperor. Assassinate a Templar agent. But victory won’t be easy; you and your lethal band must rely on communication, coordination, and diverse skills to accomplish your missions, then vanish into the shadows.

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quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
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Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1. 64bit Only
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (2 GB VRAM)
  • Other: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers
  • HD: 50 GB available space
  • Other: Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse required, optional controller
  • Multiplayer: 256 kbps or faster broadband connection

*Supported Video Cards at Time of Release:

Supported video cards at the time of release: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or better, GeForce GTX

700 series; AMD Radeon HD7970 or better, Radeon R9 200 series

Note: Laptop versions of these cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

Recommended Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or better
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 290X (3 GB VRAM)

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When Assassins come to liberate France!


Despite whatever Ubisoft planned, Assassin's Creed Unity could not become a masterpiece. Maybe if only Ubisoft was able to run more assesses on the game before it's launch or even delay it for some months to do so, they could avoid many bugs before the release, and if they wrote their own story differently and deeper, and there's so much ifs that the company could make them true, Assassin?s Creed Unity could have been a masterpiece. It is true that this did not happen, but it still is something that will make you think of this game as a "worthwhile experience". AC Unity, while not a masterpiece, but has a lot of new stuff inside it, it's definitely a special attraction for any fan of Assassin's Creed. The CO-OP feature of the game is precisely what it can be called the peek point of Assassin?s Creed Unity gameplay . NPCs are one of the other cool features of Unity ,They are everywhere, Screaming, crying, some of them are proud of their wealth , They will not end up and the player will always be happy to walk in a living city. The game is full of glamorous moves and so-called Combos which players will land them on the face of enemies. These Combos are also upgradable and eventually doing so will help you to fight tougher enemies. So anyway many of the bugs and glitches for the game are fixed now and you can play it much smoother and better and if you really look for a kind of a new experience in AC series definitely try this game, it has so much fun to do! After all, you should not have left Arno alone in the "bloody revolution of France" ...

Honestly, one of my favourite Assassin's Creeds.


Assassin's Creed Unity is considered the worst game of the saga, and this is due to its excess of bug, the game in the launch was injurious, it was bug every second, it was horrible, a lot of people gave up playing, I did not play at the time, more I saw many videos and comments of people talking, I just went to play this game this year, already updated, and with fewer bugs, but still continues with bugs, some even bizarre, no more disrupts gameplay, Ubisoft presents another new character, Who is the Arno who is an interesting character until, shows his childhood, and his coexistence with parents, and is where he meets Elise, the woman he loves, the chemistry of the 2 works up, more unfortunately the story of the game is Weak and leaves much to be desired, and compared to the history of Assassin's Creed I, or Revelations, the story gets even worse, and the game has a good background that is the French Revolution, one of the most famous stories of mankind , We have the Bastille making that is made of fo Rma very faithful, the game has changed, and has been more challenged, it's the most difficult Assassin's since the first, the graphics are beautiful, the environment is impeccable, the streets are taken of people, while you explore the map, you can see people being Executed in the Guillotine, or hanged, we obviously have historical characters, the soundtrack is very good, but I found the end more or less, plus I really enjoyed the game, and today it's worth catching it, and the best that Ubisoft Gave free expansion of the game as an excuse to fans, it's worth it.

I will say don't hesitate to buy this game as it is now completely patched and almost bug free


Have been played this for a long time and i can be sure that this is the best game in assassin's creed series about combat. The combat is fluent and smooth, can be challenging from time to time but with enough practice you can find yourself almost invincible. The combat is definitely harder than other assassin's creed game but i think it's the right way ubisoft chose to go. You are able to customize your character way more than the other games could offer. This includes colors, hoods, belts, etc. While this may not be important to some, it sure can be immersive if one chooses to play that way. One other cool feature is the outfits system. This allows you to unlock classic outfits from the previous games, as well as never before seen outfits. All in all, the customization is great. One new feature is co-op. In this mode you play through a certain mission with another player, and you two must work together to complete it. This can give you the chance to show off your master assassin skills to other players. Not only that, but show off your cool assassin outfit that you customized. The co-op is very fun and very immersive. Now to everything else... well unless you havent played any other games in the series, its the same deal. Aside from the story, everything feels the same in some sort of way. It feels kinda monotnous to the rest of the games. I cant really explain it, just trust me when I say its pulling a call of duty move. (COD move is where each game is basically the same with few minor adjustments) I do reccomend Assassin's Creed Unity, it is very fun and the new features really bring out the creativity the player can utilize.

Beautiful Paris!


Unity takes us to Paris two hundred years ago. The city is in my opinion the best advantage of the game. There are a lot of people, buildings are beautiful and architecturally diverse. We can feel that always something is happening in the city. Another pros is greater realism of the world - how the crowd react to us, how people happen. It looks really amazing. Additional tasks have impact on main quests. Is is very nice solution, because sometimes you can do something in other way, because you did another thing in additional quest. It makes the game more fascinating. Graphic is amazing. You can just go for a walk and look at. Storyline is addictive. Disadvantages: - optimalization could be better, - AI sometimes is not so clever. One of the best AC's game in my opinion.

Ambitious, but a bit stagnant after a while.


ACU, after all of its initial bugs were fixed, is an astounding game. The visuals are incredible. The size and density of Paris are incredible. Even the strategy and difficulty of combat is appealing. However, that all largely gets overshadowed by poor optimization, a lackluster story, an unlikable main protagonist, and simplistic and slow combat. Combat, in many ways, was one step forward and three steps back. It tried to make combat more strategic and smart but ended up making it clunky and simplistic. Arno came across more as an incompetent fighter than anything else. The story was also too long and had an anti-climatic ending. There also isn't even a reason to explore a quarter of Paris as the story never takes you there. Online coop was interesting, but half-baked and never fully realized. This game had a lot of great ideas, but you could tell its short development cycle crushed what could have been an absolutely perfect game.

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