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A Generation Zero Survival Guide

The vast open world of Östertörn is filled with danger, and the unready player can easily find themselves out-matched. Machines roam the countryside, ranging from the tiny to the colossal, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Every step could lead to your characters’ death, so being prepared for the challenges ahead is crucial to surviving. We’ve therefore prepared a survival guide to make sure that you’re ready to take on your foes and survive in the hostile environments of Generation Zero.

Weapon Quality

Every weapon in the game has an associated quality level, indicating how well it was originally made. Careful attention will need to be paid to this level, as accuracy is affected when using a weapon of poorer quality.

In your inventory you’ll find a rarity rating attached to each weapon, where the color and number of crowns determines the weapon quality. They run the range from grey (1), green (2), blue (3), purple (4), and yellow (5). Make sure when fighting advanced foes that you are using the best weapons in your arsenal.

Explore and Scavenge

The world of Generation Zero is large, but filled with locations to explore and loot. You never know when you’ll find a weapon upgrade, healing items, or ammo that can save your life during an intense battle. Allow yourself the time to scour the countryside and any buildings you come across for essential items, as you never know when you’ll be ambushed by a roving group of Ticks or hear a Tank rumbling in the distance.

Use the Right Tools

Every weapon has its own specific range and spread, meaning not all of them are appropriate for each situation. When taking down a group of weaker enemies, you may want to use a shotgun, with a wider spray and a shorter range. Other weapons, like the hunting rifle, offer a ranged approach that lets you snipe enemies before they even see you. Weapons such as this are especially useful for targeting weak points with precision.

Some Skills Require Tools

The skill tree allows you to customize and level up your character’s abilities, but some skills, like lockpicking or marking targets, require specific items to be present in your inventory. Make sure to always carry a hairpin and binoculars, in order to open any locked doors or containers, and also to tag enemies or see their weaknesses.

Take Your Time

Waiting, watching, and deciding a strategy is more rewarding in Generation Zero than running in guns blazing. Learn all you can about your opponents, such as their behavior or weak points, watch their patterns, and then decide on a plan of action. Each enemy can unleash devastating attacks, and being ready is the best way to survive.

If in Doubt, Hide

Maybe you’ve wandered too far into the central area where tougher enemies reside, or maybe you’re recovering after a firefight and need ammo and healing. Sometimes, when encountering enemies, it can be best to hide or run away. Remember, being alive is more important than risking everything fighting an enemy machine you’re not sure you can take down.

Environmental Hazards

Gas canisters, exploding cars, electrical boxes, and more are all your friends in Generation Zero. Each one can be used to damage or outright kill machines, leaving you with a surer kill, and fewer resources expended in taking them down. Just be aware that an explosion may take out a foe, but leave it unsalvageable.

Take a Friend

If in doubt, friends can make everything better. Another gun and another set of hands can make all the difference between life and death. The Generation Zero axiom is definitely “two guns are better than one”, and four is even better than that.