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Bound By Flame





You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their Dead-Army.

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Game description

In einer Welt voller Verzweiflung, geschunden von den sieben Eisfürsten und ihrer Armee der Totwandler übernimmst du die Rolle von Vulcan, einem Söldner, von dem ein Flammendämon Besitz ergriffen hat.

In diesem RPG, wo jede deiner Entscheidungen auch Konsequenzen nach sich zieht, musst du stets abwägen, ob du die Macht des Dämonen in dir entfesseln oder dich von seinem Einfluss lossagen willst, um ein Mensch zu bleiben. Du kannst mithilfe von drei Fertigkeitsbäumen deine Fertigkeiten und deinen Kampfstil vollkommen frei entwickeln: setze die schweren Waffen des Kämpfers ein, schlage mit den heimtückischen Doppeldolchen des Waldläufers zu oder nutze die vernichtenden Flammenzauber des Pyromanten. Rekrutiere Begleiter, die an deiner Seite leben, lieben, hassen und kämpfen, wenn ihr euch den grässlichen Kreaturen von Verteil in spektakulären und taktisch anspruchsvollen Echtzeit-Kämpfen stellt.

Je größer die Gefahr, desto größer auch die Versuchung, die Macht des Dämonen einzusetzen und ihm deine Seele zu opfern ... für welchen Weg wirst DU dich entscheiden?

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Focus Home Interactive
Action, RPGs
Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP3/ Windows VISTA SP2/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB 100% DIRECTX 9 and shaders 4.0 Compatible ATI RADEON HD 4850/NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT or higher
  • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 Compatible
  • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for the game activation
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Reviews for Bound By Flame

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it's enjoyable, I would say go for it if you want nice RPG


It's not a Dark Souls It's not a triple AAA game It's just a nice RPG game with limited budget Note: Spiders Development team is very small compared to other companies So don't expect or trait this game as any 60$ triple AAA game Pros: +Nice Graphics even it's had been 3years (2014 game) +Nice Crafting elements, upgrading system +Character can swap between 3 fighting styles in mid combat +Well optimized game (potato toaster can run this at Ultra) Cons: -Combat is mid-core at best (they could polished combat a little more) -Mobs have very large amount of health.. (a stupid chapter 1 skeleton have 3x more health then me) -Voice Acting is bad, dialog is badly written (personally I didn't expect something solid, so it's not that shocking). Overall: I'd say go for it if you like RPG, if you just like Dark Souls with no RPGs, then you came to wrong place, Still, it's enjoyable, I would say go for it if you want nice RPG

Not for everybody, but worth a try.


Criminally underappreciated and underrated. Meta and review scores are insulting - the game is way better than lots of modern AAA titles. Great: music, gameplay, story. Crafting system deserves a medal. Each weapon and armor has its own list of upgrades that actually look different. Your choices make difference and there are several endings. Combat is smooth and challenging, mostly skill based - you can't really grind and try again, you have to use different strategy or lower the difficulty which you can do at any time. Game is also not open-world. Its very linear and small, which is its best part - where other games make you run around and just lose time - this game just gives you concentrated fun. Good for gamers who value their time. 10-15 hours to complete. The game has its flaws but if you aren't picky you wouldn't even notice them: Voice acting gets better later on, deaths and strong enemies are to be expected and if you don't compare it to other games it wouldn't annoy you with similarities. Oh and play it with gamepad, its much smoother that way. Overall - highly recommended. On sale - must buy if you like challenging combat and enjoy learning from your deaths.

Many good ideas in one blended mess


Bound by flame it's a game that starts badly! no doubt . But its not a bad game and not nearly as bad as the critics made ​​it to see . Intro In the game you are Vulcan , a member of the company the freeborn blades, group of mercenaries who have been hired to protect a group of scribes who are preparing to perform an ancient ritual magic in the ruins of a forgotten temple as last resort in an almost lose war against an undead army led by Lord Blackfrost, 1 of 7 sorcerers that thousands of years ago were able to create a portal to subtract the Worldheart energy, a place where the energy that feed the world is created. And they have used it to try to destroy the earth as known . During this " job" the group is invaded by a legion of enemies and forced to seek refuge inside the temple; during the ritual a being from Worldheart manages to transcend the earthly plane and chooses you as his new vessel to live. Now Vuncan shares his brain with this being and becomes part human and part demon and through that have the necessary powers to influence and possibly change the course of the war. The story has nothing exceptional but it is effective , attractive , and has the elements to get you hooked . The dialogues are well structured , with certain dyes in the mood ... and here comes the first good poorly implemented idea, because although everything sounds good , the fact is that the work of dubbing is terrible! and completely ruins the immersion, do not manage to empathize with any character other than yourself. During the adventure Vulcan meets several characters who accompany him; a knight with great berserker force that can drive enemies away from you, the daughter of the leader of the scribes with the power of healing and shields in battle , a witch who can drain life from enemies and use the power of ice to make them slow, an elf with bow that can poison enemies and an immortal 6,000-year -old with the ability to control the minds of the enemies. These characters through dialogue provides Vulcan, at the purest style of Mass Effect, decisions that he will have to take that will affect the course of the game in terms of allaince and that gives us the guidelines to discuss his playable part. gameplay Bound by flame is a fantasy story driven RPG - make with the same structure of The Witcher 2, the game is divided into acts and get 2 types of decisions , alliances and betrayals with your companions and keep your humanity or embrace nature demon inside you now . Each with different pros and cons. Vulcan has 2 battle modes , a slow but strong with 2 hands swords , hammers and axes ( the warrior ) and a more agile but weak with daggers ( the ranger ) , and in addition to these two styles Vulcan can place fire traps , use crossbows with poisoned arrows; and thanks to his new half, controll fire spells. There are 3 trees of skills to build your character, the warrior , improving elements such as the life bar , health regeneration, the ability to interrupt enemy strikes or resistance to the enemy interrupt yours. The ranger , in which we can improve elements such as speed, the ability to give lethal strikes from behind in stealth mode , mana regeneration , the ability to leap dodge the blows of the enemy , among others. And the fire spells, in which we can improve 4 different spells , throwing fire projectiles directally, set your weapons on fire to increase damage , gets a blast of fire if you find yourself surrounded outnumbered, or create a protective shield of fire that will decrease damage taken and damage enemies that touches you . The statistics of each of the ability of each tree can be upgraded up to 3 times before moving to the next level . Apart from these trees skills , with each level up ,you receive 1 point to spend on your character 's stats , strength , effectiveness of potions , his skill with various weapons , lucky for finding ingredients, trap damage and darts or even the amount of ingredients we spend or recycle! to create improvements for weapons and armor and making potions , ammunition and traps! The 2nd poorly implemented good idea, although the advance system is clear ; you get soooo very few points for so many options! after 25 hours that lasted the game for me and I did almost all of the side quests and getting virtually all possible achievements of a single campaing ; I could not unlock a full tab! I got a balanced character, but all these options directly affect the combat system and that makes the difficulty curve becomes tedious for a good portion of the game. Like I said; the game starts badly and this includes its combat side as well, initially feels too rough, wrong and badly balanced. The combat is based on dodge / block to counter-attack (very much like Dark Souls), the use of Firespells, improvements to weapons, armors and skills and since there is not much variety of enemies in the game; around 10 or 12 in total, they have the same difficulty lvl throught the game, and they are not that difficult (except from the final boss which is just stupid!), it's just that you feel that they have too mucho HP! but it's not, it's just that since you have not unlocked or progress your character, you're completely useless and your hits do no damage, so it gets way too boring during the prologue to the end of the first act when you start feeling that you are starting to be more at the level of the enemy. You can bring 1 companion in the missions, but although I mentioned the main advantages of each one, we should also mention that as Dragon Age 1; You can define the attitude and strategy in fighting of your ally, but in a much much simpler way, are basically 4; ranged attack, melee attack, use special skills or the AI ​​decide how they will behave. Another idea that feels unfinished though is that as you improve your character also appears to make your companions, but you do not find out, and you can not even see their stats or apply points to them. There is a radial menu that you can open with the touch of a button at any time, even in combat, and slow down the game, at which time you can change these orders, also set traps, drink potions, shoot, use spells or change style combat, BUT, these actions takes time to perform after you choose them, and the enemies do not stop, if an enemy gets you down before you get time to drink a potion of life or get up after laying a trap, stop the action completely and could be your end, so you have to choose the right moment and position to make use of this tool. There are multiple sets of armor including chest, boots, gloves, and helmets which can make improvements ass pads, belts, knee and elbow pads as well as improvements to your weapons. All these improvements affect not only statistics but also the visual aspect of your gear. To make these improvements you use ingredients founded scattered around the map, dropped by fallen enemies or we can buy them from merchants who are practically useless! since (another mistake) you can buy ingredients with gold from anywhere in the map from the pause menu! the only reason to talk to traders is for a simple side quest or get rid of things you no longer want (which isnt also vital because it can destroy the equipment to "recycle" ingredients). The maps are very reminiscent of Dragon Age 2, pretty much a bunch of long hallways, but tangled and it invite you to explore a little, but very limited and somehow they feel empty which leads us to the following ... Graphics and sound Bound in flame, in its PC version, which is the one that I got, has a solid graphic section; good lighting, good treatment of particles, good modeling of the main characters, good textures. Unfortunately has a big problem, murderer in this kind of fantasy games, and the reason it fails to convince ... it has a very poor artistic design. In open areas it feels like a very static and lifeless universe and its urban areas and closed areas it feels empty and recycling. On one side has a very good technical aspect, with solid optimization with more than enough levels of customization options like shadows, textures, particles, FXAA, SSAO, anisotropic filtering, dynamic resolution and FOV! it comes without patches and without major bugs since day 1, and on the other hand their body animations are few and somewhat robotic and it has inexpressive facial animations. The camera is sometimes frustrating and it can get you killed but is thankful that, at least on PC, you can change the FOV (I recommend the camera as far as possible) The music, while not memorable it does has some good scores, more than anything vocally. Conclusion I mentioned other games not to make comparisons but to use them as reference points of all the ideas that Spider wanted to include in this game. They say "Do not bite off more that you can chew" and this is true with this game, all the elements are there, the ideas are clear and the intention of a great RPG game shows! but never quite naturally coupled resulting in a feeling of lack of polished playable, lack of development time, expertise and financial resources. Good ideas made a mess. Still, altough is short, it is very entertaining, better than many other game with greater acceptance by the specialized critics and a perfect choice for any lover of fantastic story driven RPGs while waiting heavy titles like Dragon Age Inquisition or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Slightly above average RPG


I had huge hopes with Bound by Flame, but unfortunately, the game turned out to be just a regular, linear RPG. The story didn't keep me engaged, and after first 4-5 hours I decided to just YOLO through the monsters, getting straight to the ending. Well, the ending itself was pretty decent, but nothing too spectacular (I am talking about the "bad ending"). The combat is enjoyable for a while, than it is all the same - you attack few times, block or dodge, attack etc. Certainly not as good as in for example Dark Souls, or even Kingdoms of Amalur. Graphics are pretty good, but still worse then in other games from that kind. However, I absolutely adore the music made by O. Dervere and Ire, especially the tune that plays in the main menu. Can't say that the game was bad, but it wasn't good either.

An extremely disappointing experience.


In Short Version: Bound By Flame is an 8-10 hour pseudo-RPG that ends in a choice room, with extremely tedious combat gameplay and bugs out the wazoo. The Long Version: Bound By Flame is the newest offering by Spiders, the developer team behind Mars: War Logs, and is ostensibly a role-playing game, and while the player does make some choices that affect the story, the game's unending is nonetheless a choice room, thereby essentially negating any previous choices made by the player. The writing is decidedly mediocre; in an original world that should be filled with lore, very little of it is actually available in-depth, even when one of the available companions is in ostensibly a scribe and scholar of sorts, leaving the world feeling undeveloped. The so-called "romances" in the game hinge almost entirely on one or two decisions made by the player, at the time the romance presents itself, and the shifting attitude of characters occur so suddenly, based on single decisions, that there's practically no evolution of characterization of NPCs within the game. Graphically and audibly, the game holds up fairly well, albeit with some very horrific lip-syncing for the dialog; however, the music is fairly nice, almost reminisce of some Final Fantasy games. The game's built-in systems are, for the most part, poorly designed; combat is extremely tedious, as players have a very restricted mana pool, leaving them unable to use large amounts of magic without first crafting an extremely large number of mana potions, and thus generally forcing players to rely on melee combat, which, unfortunately, is relatively weak in comparison, especially when compared to the constantly increasing health of major enemies, thereby reducing combat to a grinding crawl of attack, dodge, block, and repeat. While the game has some interesting ideas, it ultimately fails to execute them in an enjoyable manner. The game is riddled with bugs; sometimes, secondary quest objectives cannot be reached because they are too close to primary objectives that move the plot past the secondary objectives, and other times, objectives aren't even present, making quests an impossibility to finish. Judged on its own merits, Bound By Flames is a below average offering, best considered a title to tide over RPG fans until something better arrives. Unfortunately, such a title should not be priced at its current base price of 40USD.

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