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$14.25 USD

Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising 3. Explore the zombie-infested city of Los Perdidos, and find a way to escape before a military strike wipes the entire city, and everyone in it, off the map.

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Die Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition beinhaltet das ultimative Zombiespiel in einer offenen Welt und vier Zusatzpakete zum Herunterladen. Willkommen zur Apokalypse, ein wahres Zombie-Schlachtfest erwartet dich.


    Willkommen in Los Perdidos – 10 Jahre nach den Ereignissen in Fortune City führt es die Spieler in ein gigantisch großes – und ziemlich infiziertes – Los Perdidos, wo sie Dauer-Action und atemberaubende Grafik erwarten.Das gesamte Survival-Horror-Action-Paket für PC – Optimiert für hohe Auflösungen, mit vollem Steam-Support und Gamepad-Unterstützung.Mehr Zombies als je zuvor – Dank überzeugender KI und “Gemeinschaftssinn” sind die Untoten gerissener und tödlicher denn je und fordern den Spielern, ihrer Gewieftheit und Kreativität im Überlebenskampf alles ab. Hunderte Kombinationen bei Waffen und Fahrzeugen – Hunderte von Teilen lassen sich finden, kombinieren und individuell gestalten, darunter die fiese Boom Cannon oder der allseits beliebte Party Slapper für sauberen Spaß.Geteilter Horror ist doppelt schön – Tu dich mit einem Freund zusammen, um gemeinsam endlose Zombie-Schlachtfeste zu feiern. Dabei ergatterte Erfahrungspunkte gelten auch für den Einzelspielermodus.Bonusinhalte zum Herunterladen – Die vier "Unerzählten Geschichten von Los Perdidos" sind nun als herunterladbare Zusatzpakete mit dabei. Jedes Zusatzkapitel konzentriert sich auf einen anderen Protagonisten und gewährt Spielern Zugriff auf neue wahnwitzige Waffen und Fahrzeuge, die auch im Hauptspiel eingesetzt werden können.

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Freitag, 5. September 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 64bit Edition
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 running at 2.83GHz or AMD Phenom II
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 570 or ATI Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • Hard Drive Space: 30GB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Other: Broadband internet connection is required for Co-op play.
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 64bit Edition
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU running at 3.20GHz or equivalent AMD CP
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB or ATI Radeon 7979 2GB
  • DirectX: DirectX11
  • Hard Drive Space: 30GB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Other: Broadband internet connection is required for Co-op play. An Xbox 360 Controller for Windows or other Xinput-compatible controller is recommended for this game.

Any special multiplayer requirements? Steam connection and broadband internet connection required for co-op play.


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Reviews for Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition

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More serious but still as fun as always.

Dead Rising 3 is a very good continuation of the popular series by Capcom, about zombie virus epidemic. The game this time gives us a city filled with undead citizens, where we must use literally everything that falls into our hands to survive. In addition to about 400 types of items that can be used as weapons, there are various clothes, vehicles, or NPCs that often have fun, but also have side quests.

Dead Rising 3 has something of an identity crisis.

Like its predecessors, Dead Rising 3 wants you to destroy zombies in violent and hilarious ways with a wide range of improvised weapons. This seems to be an even greater focus in DR3, with hero Nick Ramos able to create combo weapons and vehicles absolutely anywhere. Safe houses contain lockers, where Nick can access every item he has ever touched. With a large sandbox full of respawning zombies and hundreds of collectibles, you?d be forgiven for thinking that exploring Los Perdidos and being a badass zombie slayer were the focal points. The action-sandbox element is partially overshadowed by DR3?s time management feature. Side missions have a limited window of opportunity, and the main story is built around one big doomsday clock. Spending hours just killing zombies or exploring is therefore negligent and ill-advised. Fortunately, DR3 is more forgiving in this regard than the previous games?there are fewer survivors to rescue and psychopaths to kill, and the main story missions are limited only by the overarching timer, not by countdowns of their own. But while this gives players plenty of time to complete everything, so long as they prioritise side missions and don?t waste too much time zombie hunting, it does make DR3 feel emptier than the previous games. Nightmare mode counters this by making the zombies harder and the timeline shorter, but it would have been nice for the main mode to have been a comfortable challenge instead of a breeze. The writing is where Dead Rising 3?s identity crisis is most evident. That the serious threat of a bomb being dropped on Los Perdidos could be countered by a guy in a kid?s superhero outfit wielding a traffic cone is bizarre enough, but DR3 has one of the most tonally inconsistent elements I?ve ever seen in videogames. One type of ?collectible? is tragic endings, set pieces of humans who haven?t survived the outbreak. These are typically quite evocative, with dead couples holding hands or remnants of the people?s failed survival attempts strewn around them. But these emotional moments, punctuated by sad sound effects, are also accompanied by horrifically inappropriate puns. The first two Dead Rising games wholeheartedly embraced the ridiculousness and comedic tone; DR3 tries to take itself seriously, but the remnants of that comedic approach undermine any chance of a mature narrative. The Untold Stories DLC, which is built into the PC ?Apocalypse? edition, actually attempts far more mature storytelling. Each of the four chapters stars a different character, including a special ops commander and the biker gang leader, among others. It?s wonderful to see the events of the main storyline explored from different angles and to see some mysteries be resolved. But DR3 is characterized by its indecision, and these side stories are no different. Each character is basically a re-skin of Nick?they have all of his skills, including being able to create combo vehicles, and can find his collectibles as well as their own in the same very same sandbox. I would have preferred a tighter package for these additional stories; the potential was there for Dead Rising 3 to really demonstrate its potential for clever and evocative storytelling. Instead, it seems like the silly zombie massacring aspect is really the core focus of Dead Rising 3, and everything else is an unimportant, experimental extra. The co-op mode allows people to drop into your game and help out. This was mostly an enjoyable experience?I was gifted several awesome weapons by one fellow?but there seemed to be a drought of actual players. Out of four co-op experiences, two were with the same player, and one was with a player who wanted to ignore the side missions and was quite? immature in dealing with a certain psychopath named Dylan. I didn?t see any option to kick players from my game, which was?in that one instance?quite a disappointment, but a quit to menu is a simple solution. But none of these issues really stop Dead Rising 3 from being enjoyable. In the appropriate situations, the wacky humour is actually quite funny. Mowing down zombies in a flame-throwing steamroller-motorbike hybrid never?NEVER?gets old. Dressing up Nick in stupid outfits and using a jerry-rigged traffic cone as a megaphone to literally turn his shout into a weapon is also a cracking good time. It?s just disappointing to see Dead Rising 3 caught between two equally interesting premises. Telling a hard-hitting, evocative and mature zombie narrative requires full commitment to the cause; puns, silly outfits, and the ability to create a heavily armoured truck with a turret out of a steamroller, a sedan, and a portable welder all need to stay home.

CR Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 finished, good defrost, interesting challenge in Nightmare. I have 17h of game, I finished the nightmare mode and made 3 chapters in normal to level up because I was blocked in nightmare: o Technical: No technical problems for me, apart from the framerate a bit to pick up sometimes (an OC CPU + GPU does not change anything: angel :). The game is still pretty good graphically, the textures are clean from beginning to end, no unevenness. The lighting and volumetric effects are well done. The amount of zombie displayed is quite impressive, on the last chapters there are easily 2 or even 3 times more than at the beginning of the game: D The cinematics are rather pretty, the framerate is sometimes on the street but this is not very important to me, it reinforces the cinematic aspect. As for the ambience sound and the music, they are not significant, but do their job properly. Quite a few musical themes however, pity. http://i.imgur.com/OkUO1lG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FBCaHqI.jpg Controls: Not much to say on this point. We sometimes pest a little against the manoeuvrability (collisions that block us, camera that annoys us), but overall it is very playable. Firearms automatically target if you do not support them, it's convenient. Vehicles are sometimes quite rude to drive, but it depends on the type of vehicle, and in most cases it is justified. Gameplay: The gameplay is simplistic at first, it is an open-world deflower, de-zing everything that is within our reach: o At the menu combats CAC, firearms but also possibility of driving vehicles, The whole being more or less resistant / murderers. Indeed, the interesting aspect of the title lies in the possibility of combos with the different things (weapons, accessories, vehicles, food) that can be collected almost everywhere. Some combos are very basic, others are proving devastating: love: Note that there are shelters and garages (some to unlock during the history, others by exploring at will), allowing to refuel in arms and food for the first ones, and to take a vehicle for the second ones. The quantity of weapons that can be recovered is limited by the lockers (a gauge at the bottom empties according to the type of weapon that took it, a simple weapon takes 1 / 8th, while a super Combo empties the whole gauge, in short it is necessary to think carefully before equipping, under penalty of having to wait until this gauge fills) and of course by the size of our inventory. But do not panic, the latter can be enlarged. Indeed, the game is based on a system of PP (which means jesaispasquoi: o): these PP are obtained by realizing the main missions, secondary ones, and also by carrying out certain auxiliary activities (to collect a statuette to collect, Tragic scene, get a medal on a challenge, or finish a PP event ...) and especially by slaughtering the zombie, combo weapons amassing more PP. As these PPs accumulate, the hero goes up in level, and it is thus possible to improve various skills, such as physical resistance, damage, construction speed, combos available, etc ...)

Super fun co op zombie killing madness

This game is great for when you are in the mood to just hack and slash or shoot your way through hordes of zombies. With the leveling up rpg system and the ridiculous amounts of weapons and items that you can combine to make even more crazy weapons this game will keep you coming back again and again for great gaming sessions for a long time to come.

For the Beefy Computer

Let's face it. If you have a not so beefy computer then this is not worth it, kicking many valuable players away. Although, if your computer can handle a game that takes up 70 gigabytes of space and you like zombie games, then this is for you! This game is worth it for 50 dollars. The graphics are absolutely amazing! Your player can be customized to your liking and it creates a unique aspect of playing in third person. Zombies are absolutely everywhere and the player has to think tactically on how to move around. This game can be played hours on end, nonstop, without even thinking of being bored. Like no other zombie game, you are able to combine weapons to overcome zombies easier. These weapons do break however, creating an exciting challenge for the player. The storyline is greater, but you have the option of not doing it altogether and just doing side quests or exploring. This game does lag a lot. Even for the very beefy computers, sometimes there are way too many zombies around and the game can lag or even crash. It also takes up a lot of space, which might cause you to have to remove some things in order to free up space. Overall, this game is on the good side, but it can also be irritating at times because of the lag and crashes.

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