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Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts





An expedition into the unspoiled wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park goes horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band.

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Game description

Eine Expedition in die unberührte Wildnis von Utah's Zion National Park läuft schrecklich schief als Sie von einer plündernden Stammesbande überfallen werden. Auf Ihrem Weg zurück zur Mojavewüste werden Sie in einen Krieg zwischen verschiedenen Stämmen sowie einem Streit zwischen dem neuen kanaanitischen Missionar und dem mysteriösen Burned Man verwickelt. Die Entscheidungen, die Sie hierbei treffen, werden das Schicksal von Zion bestimmen.


    Neues Terrain: Bewegen Sie sich durch die Höhen und Tiefen der steilen Canyonwände, Höhlen, Flussbetten und Wasserfällen und erkunden Sie üppige Landschaften und holpriges Terrain im wunderschönen und weitläufigen Zion Canyon.Neue Feinde: vom tödlichen Yao Guai und exotischen Greek Geckos bis hin zu neuen feindseligen Stämmen - der Zion Canyon kann sowohl gefährlich als auch wunderschön sein.Neue Leistungen und Waffen: überleben Sie die Wildnis mit Stammesweisheiten oder erzeugen Sie noch größeren Schaden ganz nach dem Motto "Auge um Auge". Honest Hearts bietet Ihnen eine Vielzahl neuer Leistungen und Waffen inklusive der .45 Automatik-Pistole, der .45 Automatik-Maschinenpistole, dem Compliance Regular, Brandbomben, Kriegskeulen und Yao Guai Panzerhandschuhen.

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Bethesda Softworks
Obsidian Entertainment
Action, RPG
Bethesda Softworks
Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Fallout: New Vegas erforderlich zum Spielen dieses Zusatzinhalts.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 10GB free space
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series, ATI 1300XT series
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts

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I expected more.


In my opinion this is the weakest DLC to Fallout New Vegas. we visit new location - Zion National Park in Utah(this is the biggest advantage, location look really great) which is dominated by Neo-indians. We are engaged in a battle between the tribes, but in this DLC the characters are not so expressive and worth remembering like in other FNV DLC's. Many of missions are forced and arduous - I was bored during this. Honest Hearts adds also some new weapons and opponents (like Yao Guai or Greek Geckos), but in my opinion you should try it if you are interested in Native Americans climate, if not it is waste of time.

A Normal DLC


I have to say that this DLC does not surprise me as much as the others, it is true that it adds weapons places, armor and more things but I feel that something missing at the time of play but very good story, very good enemies this DLC is noted that he had a great effort on the part of the developers, this DLC might be better or just as good as the others but I feel that I miss something, in short I recommend it for the story.

Good DLC, nothing more


Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts I think it was the only DLC that I wasn't into it. It has the famous Burned Man that everyone was talking about but he didn't manage to get my attention at all. Don't get me wrong, this DLC is good and fun, but doesn't stand strong as the others DLC of this game. Like most of the others DLC, this adds new content to the game: new weapons, new gear, new places and new interesting quest to decide the fate of Zion. I recommend getting this DLC in a sale.

I have expected more.


Honest Hearts is another DLC for Fallout New Vegas, a rather average one to be exact, it offers about 6 hours of gameplay and in typical DLC fashion player will get new weapons, armors and perks to unlock. Apart from that you get 5 additional levels to get. There is a trend that each bigger DLC extends your maximum level by 5 so if you have Dead Money your maximum lv will be 40, if you'll only get Honest Hearts it will only be 35. What should be the main point of this DLC should be the story but don't expect much from it.

A tad divisive


It seems that every review either likes this dlc, or finds it disappointing. I can relate to booth actually. The adventure starts of promisingly, and i really liked that you can save some dumb adventurer by being perceptive, but once you arrive at the canyons, you cant help, but feel overpowered compared to the locals. Maybe, it was only in my case, because i already finished the main game by the time this came out, but still, those spear throwing sad sobs had no chance against my flamethrower. The whole setting reminds me of fallout 2, too bad it reminds me of the beginning of the game, which wasn't bad, but i was always glad to leave it behind.

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