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Just Cause 3 XL Edition





The Mediterranean republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, a dictator with an insatiable appetite for power.

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Game description

Die Mittelmeerrepublik Medici leidet unter der brutalen Herrschaft von General Di Ravello, ein Diktator mit unstillbarer Machtgier. Auftritt Rico Rodriguez, ein Mann mit der Mission, die Macht des Generals zu zerschlagen – koste es, was es wolle. Du kannst dich frei über 1000 km2 vom Himmel bis zum Meeresgrund bewegen und dir steht ein riesiges Arsenal an Waffen, Apparaturen und Fahrzeugen zur Verfügung - also bereite dich darauf vor, so kreativ und explosiv wie möglich Chaos anzurichten.

    Erkunde ein Inselparadies im Mittelmeer in völliger vertikaler Freiheit – Fallschirmspringen, Base-Jumping und freies Tauchen in einer Welt, in der es nahezu keine Grenzen gibt
    Gleite durch die Lüfte und schieße über Berge hinweg mit deinem Wingsuit – der neuen Art, den Tod von oben zu bringen
    Nutze deinen Enterhaken und Fallschirm dazu, Gebäude zu erklimmen, Fahrzeuge zu kapern, dich schnell zu bewegen oder Objekte aneinanderzuketten – für immer neue Wege, um Chaos zu stiften
    Richte massive Zerstörungsketten auf Militärbasen, in Häfen, Gefängnissen, Polizeistationen und Kommunikationseinrichtungen an, um einen Diktator stürzen
    Rüste dich mit einer breiten Palette an explosiven Waffen aus, von Schrotflinten und Raketenwerfern bis zu Panzerbrechern und Luftschlägen
    Wähle aus einer riesigen Vielfalt an verschiedenen Fahrzeugen aus, die du steuern kannst, darunter Rennboote, Jets, Hubschrauber, turbobeschleunigte Sportwagen und Supermotorräder
    Lass dich auf ein Abenteuer mit Dutzenden von Herausforderungsmissionen und sammelbaren Objekten ein, die es zu entdecken gibt

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Square Enix
Avalanche Software
Action, Adventure
Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015
Digital PC Download
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Reviews for Just Cause 3 XL Edition

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Best version to get if you already don't have the main game!


Just Cause 3 XL Edition is the best and most complete edition of Just Cause 3 which along with the magnificent base game experience will bring you all DLC part of the game, and believe me some of the weapons in these pack will be really helpful in the game and maximizes your fun in destroying and blowing everything in the game! If you are looking for a complete action open world with a decent story line where you have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you like , Just Cause 3 XL Edition is the best option for you!

The only thing could be found here is the explosion, destruction and again explosion!


Just Cause 3 is not a complete game! it also has some affecting issues like repeating the process. But if you can stand these problems, with some of its superb gaming mechanics, you'll be playing exited for hours. Unlike the Medici hero, the Avalanche studio has not been able to revolutionize video games, but shows a fantasy of the true meaning of power. So if you're one of the adventurers of the free world action titles, Just Cause 3 is definitely worth your attention.

A great open world game


In my opinion, Just Cause 3 is an exciting game, because its numerous features and huge open wold, give countless possibilities to the gamer. If one thing is well known, the Avalanche studio will have the fun of the game as its headline and, of course, the ultimate outcome is excellent. When I compared Just Cause 3 with tow previous versions, I found its gameplay has made a lot of changes and this time everything goes along with the speed and better sense of control. The first major change in gameplay is adding a parachute or Wingsuit to a game that facilitates moving around in the gaming environment. Apart from the elements of the gameplay, the design of the levels has also experienced dramatic advances. Apart from the technical problems of the game, Just Cause 3 experience is truly unique. The extraordinary freedom of the game is one of the longstanding dreams of any gamer, and you will certainly be involved with the experience of a few minutes playing it. Unparalleled performance, spectacular graphics, pure entertainment, and support from the mods, even on the eighth generation consoles, are just some of the reasons why you will be forced to buy it. Finally, Just Cause 3 maybe is not so memorable, but it can undoubtedly be a good time for you.

Captain mayhem is back.


Just Cause 3 XL Edition is the version to get when thinking about trying on this series, while the main game is fun the DLC brings so much joy the core mechanics as now you have something of a rocket boost which makes flying so much fun. Game is long and should last for about 60 hours to get most of the title. Only downside is the server syncing issues which can be annoying at times.



You're basically Spiderman But you're on steroids And you have infinite parachutes And you have a wingsuit And you have a cooler name And you can steal cars And you can steal someone's airplane in mid-flight So it's kinda like GTA too But it has a bigger map And better graphics And a better storyline And a wingsuit And practically everything is destructible The explosions are cooler Maybe it's more like an action movie But you're the protagonist And you have a wingsuit Need a tank? No big deal. Just go borrow one from the army. They may shoot at you, but that's okay. They're helping you learn how to dodge bullets. Ever collapsed a bridge and watched a train fall onto hundreds of innocent civilians? I have. It was fun. Did I mention there was a wingsuit?

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