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Mega Man Legacy Collection is a celebration of the 8-bit history of Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber. Featuring faithful reproductions of the series’ origins with the original six Mega Man games, the Legacy Collection will remind long-time fans and introduce newcomers to what made Mega Man such a popular and iconic character.

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Die Mega Man Legacy Collection feiert die 8-bit-Geschichte von Capcoms ikonischem Blauen Bomber. Die Legacy Collection enthält Neuauflagen der originalen sechs Mega-Man-Spiele und wird langjährige Fans daran erinnern und Neueinsteigern zeigen, was Mega Man zu einer so beliebten und ikonischen Figur gemacht hat. Die Mega Man Legacy Collection enthält alle sechs Spiele und noch vieles mehr.

Zusätzlich zu den sechs Mega-Man-Spielen bietet die Mega Man Legacy Collection mit dem "Museum Mode" und dem "Challenge Mode" neue Möglichkeiten, diese Klassiker zu erleben. Der "Challenge Mode" mischt Gameplay-Elemente aus allen sechs Spielen und bietet zahlreiche Spielziele variabler Schwierigkeit, die erfahrene Spieler erobern können und die gleichzeitig neuen Spielern den Einstieg erleichtern. Der "Museum Mode" wartet mit einer umfangreichen historischen und hoch auflösenden Artwork-Sammlung auf – ein Fest für jeden Fan von Mega Man und der Videospielkultur im Allgemeinen.

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Dienstag, 25. August 2015
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
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A must own for any self-respecting gamer


Mega Man Legacy Collection is neither a reboot nor a remaster. Rather, it simply packages together the first six Mega Man games from the old NES in their original 8-bit glory -- no gimmicky upgrades required. For anyone over, say, thirty years of age, this will be a most enjoyable trip down memory lane (except maybe for those damn disappearing/reappearing block sections). For you youngsters, get ready to experience near-perfection in platforming level design, as well as the best old-school video game soundtrack ever recorded. The only change I noticed to the core gameplay is the ability to save your progress at any point, which spares players the annoyance of having to redo tricky platforming sections if they happen to die before reaching a checkpoint. Purists may whine that this makes the games too easy now (the Mega Man series was notorious for its difficulty back in the day), but there's an easy workaround for that: don't use the save feature if you don't like it. The old password-grid system is still in place if you really insist on keeping things totally retro. Aside from the base games, there's a few extras tossed in, most notably the "challenge" mode. In it, players must complete a timed obstacle course comprised of various sections of the first six games, all linked together by warp zones. So for example, you may start out by having to defeat Cut Man; be instantly warped to a platforming section in Magnet Man's level if you defeat Cut Man; find yourself falling through the laser pit in Quick Man's level if you managed to beat the Magnet Man section; and so on, until you either reach the end of the course or run out of time. You're awarded a bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on how quickly you reach the finish line. And of course there's the inevitable leaderboards for you competitive types who actually care about such things. Just a heads-up though, the top spots are obviously taken by cheaters who supposedly finished the challenge in one second. As for the games themselves, I enjoy all of them, but if you really forced me to rank them I would say Mega Man II-IV are stone cold classics; V-VI are enjoyable but ultimately forgettable; and Mega Man I gets by partially on historical significance, given how relatively clunky and riddled with cheap kills it is. On a technical level, I initially had difficulty launching Mega Man Legacy Collection on my Windows 8 2013-era laptop, but after looking up a quick solution on the Steam forum (can't remember what it was now, I think I just had to delete some random file), it's worked like a charm ever since. Bottom line: Most of the Mega Man games in this collection aren't just notable as nostalgia trips, they're timelessly great experiences and outshine many of the platformers of today. Highly recommended for veterans and newbies alike.

6 Mega Games for 1 Mega Cheap Price


You get not only 6 mega games for 1 mega cheap price, but you get a lot of extra goodies as well. You can tell that they showed these games some love before releasing them in this package on the PC which I am very happy about. To be honest I really hate how some of these games don't seem to be fixed up a little leaving some horrendous pixelation (I'm looking at you Shantae!) yet these games don't look anywhere near as bad thanks for all the estra work put into them along with some cool extras you are sure to enjoy. And right now it is on sale for @11.99 which is a pretty good price, so get it while the getting is good!

just go for it !


If you already own these games on another system, there may still be reasons to purchase the Legacy Collection. -database entries on every stage enemy and boss, as well as their weaknesses. It even gives you the ability to to instantly fight any robot master from that gave with all weapons at your disposal from the same game, it's also on their own stage instead of some generic lab as I had expected. -new filters and screenboarders to try out during in-game play, neat! -lots of artwork: showing the robot masters from all sides, a stage concepts that I found very interesting, and plenty of early sketches of either scrapped or early staged robot masters. -plenty of challanges to unlock. -Savestates so you won't need to hassle with passwords anymore -Megaman1 no longer has the infamous "Select trick" which is either a blessing or a curse I suppose. Overall I'd give it an 8/10, not quite as good as the Anniversary Collection (no "easy" mode or an option for an updated UI with stage theme remixes). but still worth having just to immediatly dive into some quick Megaman fun!

Six games


I mean, it's good, it's megaman but I would think you'd buy a game you could otherwise emulate or play on inferior hardware so you can play a version of it that it not limited by the technology it's played on. My thought process was obviously incorrect seeing as how it still runs like I'm playing it on my nes with frame drops, flickering textures, and all. I guess it's more nostalgic that way, and keeping those flaws in are integral for the speedrunning community in some cases, but the limitations were not fun then and they're still annoying now. It's a perfect port, for better and worse. Perhaps a like "classic mode" and "modern mode" could have been implemented where classic mode operates as it does now and a modern mode is just, you know, mega man but with the frame drops and other annoyances ironed out that way people that want to play mega man the way they remember can play it that way and the people who think mega man is a great game that is held back a little bit by it's technical issues can play what they concieve to be a superior or definitive version of the game. I'm not a game developer so maybe it's harder to make a game that ran relatively smoothly on 31 year old hardware run completely smoothly on modern systems but if I can fiddle with an emulator for awhile and get my emulated version to run smoothly and not have pop in or frame drops (sometimes at the expense of some cosmetic or non fundamental issues but, it's an emulator and it's hard to make everything perfect) then I'd think it would not be too hard to do the same here at a more polished level. I recommend this not because I recommend this particular product, but because I recommend mega man itself for, despite it's annoyances, being a great game.

True to the original


Really loyal to the originals, it even has the same "hardware limitations" the original NES version had like framedips, slowdowns and sound channels stopping when you shoot, mimicking the original NES sound hardware with 2A03/2A07. But even though it's cool sometimes, they should add an option to play it just like the Anniversary port, with steady 60FPS and no sound channel pauses - when you're raging (pretty common with this game), it's definetely not cool to be bothered with framedips. I've only played Mega Man 1 until now, but it looks very promising and well ported. It has different screen options like Original 4:3, Full 4:3 and Stretched Wide 16:9 and even some screen filters like TV (which mimicks a very bad TV set IMO) and Monitor (creates scanlines to make it look like 240p). Also, I didn't suffer with the horrible input lag some people are complaining about in the reviews. Actually I haven't noticed any additional input lag at al

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