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Overcooked is a chaotic couch local co-op cooking game for one to four players. Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff. Sharpen your knives and dust off your chef’s whites, there isn’t mushroom for error and the steaks are high in these crazy kitchens!  

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Game description

Overcooked ist ein chaotisches Couch-Koop-Kochspiel für ein bis vier Spieler. Arbeitet mit anderen Köchen im Team, um leckere Gerichte zuzubereiten und sie den hungrigen Gästen zu servieren, bevor sie wütend davonstürmen. Schärft eure Messer und setzt eure Kochmützen auf. In diesen irren Küchen trennt sich die Spreu vom Weizen. Strengt euch an, sonst ist die Sache gegessen! 

Das Zwiebelreich ist in Gefahr und nur die feinste Küche kann es retten! In Overcooked müssen Spieler durch knallharte und ungewöhnliche Küchen reisen, um Meisterköche zu werden. Nur so können sie das uralte essbare Böse bezwingen, welches das Land heimsucht.

Spielt allein oder im klassischen, chaotischen Couch-Koop mit bis zu vier Spielern in sowohl kooperativen als auch kompetitiven Herausforderungsmodi. Ihr müsst viele verschiedene Gerichte kochen und gut zusammenarbeiten, damit ihr das effektivste – und ultimative – Team werden könnt!


Das Zwiebelreich ist eine üppige Welt voller knallharter und ungewöhnlicher Küchen, die ihr bewältigen müsst. Begebt euch auf eine unglaubliche Reise und nehmt es mit Küchen auf, die immer herausfordernder und bizarrer werden. Ihr werdet an eure Grenzen stoßen, was Kooperation und Koordination angeht. In jedem Level erwartet euch und euer Team eine neue Herausforderung – ob ihr über ein schwankendes Piratenschiff rutscht, zwischen fahrenden Imbisswagen hin- und herspringt, auf einer Eisscholle kocht oder in den Tiefen einer feurigen Unterwelt Essen servieren müsst. In jedem Level kann selbst der tapferste Koch sein Fett abbekommen.


Overcooked ist so einfach zu verstehen, dass jeder mitmachen kann. Schwieriger ist es, ein Team zu finden, das kommunizieren kann und koordiniert ist, wenn es um die Wurst geht. Denn nur ein eingespieltes Team von Superköchen wird am Ende siegreich sein! 


Ob ihr euch an den appetitlichen lokalen Koop-Modus herantraut oder als Einzelspieler euer eigenes Süppchen kochen wollt, ihr werdet neue Level, neue Kochcharaktere und sogar kompetitive Herausforderungslevel freischalten. Dort können sich Zweierteams gegenseitig in die Pfanne hauen.

Egal, wie ihr spielen möchtet: Jetzt heißt es, ab in die Küche, wenn ihr euren Senf dazugeben wollt!

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  • Rating
Team 17
Ghost Town Games Ltd.
Action, Indie, Simulation
Mittwoch, 3. August 2016
Local Multiplayer, Local Co-op
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 (32Bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB DDR2 RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT / AMD HD 6850 / Intel HD Graphics 4400 or above
  • DirectX: Version 11.0
  • Storage: 750 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Gamepads recommended



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Reviews for Overcooked

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Simple, yet very Tasty!


Overcooked is a cooperative game, that is best played on a couch, with at least another person. The objective of the game is to cook, and it's way more fun, than it sounds! The way it goes, is usually there are multiple ingredients, that need to be prepared, assembled, and then cooked, or fried, then delivered, and then you need to wash the dishes. Now, since you work in a restaurant, there are usually a lot of orders, and you need to do al these things at the same time very fast. Sometimes it gets pretty chaotic, but with good teamwork it can be managed. The whole thing is really fun, yet it can be rather hard, especially the boss at the end. We are still trying to beat that with my wife.

Tends to be just as frustrating as fun


I cautiously recommend this game. Don't buy it if you don't have at least one other person who will commit to sharing your couch to play with you. This game feels like it should be a minigame in a larger collection of mini games, not a standalone game by itself. Levels are clearly designed for 3 or 4 players, not 1 or 2. Playing with 2 players turns out to be more frustrating than fun. Many of the levels are setup to be fun and challenging, but several other levels are also designed to be deliberately annoying. There's potential to have a good time here, but there is also plenty of potential to just get pissed off at your friends and family. My main complaints: Cooking surfaces moving around to block your movement and prevent you from reaching cooked food happens on far too many levels. Other levels have obstacles that will kill you. The controls feel a bit sloppy, making it difficult to grab the item you want and place it where you want. The game forces you to earn a set number of Star ratings on earlier levels in order to progress. This means that if you aren't doing well early on, the game will prevent you from continuing. The developer is basically saying, "If you suck we're not even going to let you continue playing." This setup would be okay if you cook play levels in an order of your choosing, but it doesn't make sense for a game that forces you to play every level in a set order.

Where is online multiplayer?


Playing Local multiplayer is really fun and brings out a lot of laughs, but for people who can't just casually bring someone over to play might have problems. The singleplayer is fun, but difficult to get used to when switching between cooks. One time I was trying to cut something and while attempting to switch just moved the cutting cook... This does impact your score, and for someone like me who tries to get at least 2 stars for every level, is difficult. I recommend this game for people who can play with friends often. For people otherwise, I would wait for a major price reduction or when they make online (which I doubt). Besides all the weaknesses, Overcooked is a really addictive, colourful game to play and can lead to sometimes verbally abusing your friends.

No online multiplayer drags it down


The game is great but the fact that it lacks online multiplayer and only supports local co-op is really sad because i see alot of potential in this game and i really don't understand why they charge 15 dollars and don't even make it multiplayer.The gameplay itself is great and i really enjoyed it.It is unique and well made and I am glad i purchased it even if it lacks online multiplayer.Unfortunately i didn't have the option to play with friends because they couldn't so i had to stick to the singleplayer and i have to say it was pretty great.Awesome game,but there is place for improvement.



Got the game during a sale. Overcooked is a great Local Co-op game. Its challenges and variables within the game is sufficient for plenty of gametime. Really enjoyed the game!!!!.

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