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R.A.W: Realms of Ancient War





Do you have what it takes to survive the Realms of Ancient War? Take control of a fearsome Warrior, a powerful Wizard or a Rogue, and plunge into a grand quest full of action!

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Game description

Haben Sie, was man braucht, um Realms of Ancient War zu überleben?

Werden Sie zu einem furchterregenden Krieger, mächtigen Zauberer oder Schurken und tauchen Sie in eine Quest voller Abenteuer ein!


    Das explosive Hack’n’Slash (Action/Rollenspiel) R.A.W nimmt Sie mit, allein oder mit einem Freund im Koopmodus, in eine Fantasiewelt, die in einem altem und brutalen Krieg zerstört wurde.
    Steigen Sie mit Ihren Helden im Rang auf, sammeln Sie stärkere Waffen und Rüstungen, schalten Sie neue und verheerendere Zauber frei und vernichten Sie dutzende Horden von Gegnern, die Ihnen im Weg stehen.
    Danke Ihrer Fähigkeit der Verkörperung können Sie Kontrolle über Ihre stärksten Feinde erlangen, um ihre Kraft freizusetzen und Zerstörung in den feindlichen Reihen anzurichten!

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Focus Home Interactive
Action, RPG
Focus Home Interactive
Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD/INTEL Dual-Core 2.5 GHZ
  • RAM Memory: 1024MB (XP), 2048MB (VISTA/7)
  • Graphics Card: 512 MB 100% DIRECTX 9 and Shaders 4.0 compatible, ATI RADEON HD 3850/NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT/INTEL HD 2000 OR HIGHER
  • Hard Disk Space: 2GB
  • Sound Card: Directx 9 Compatible
  • Other: Internet connection required for the game activation.
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for R.A.W: Realms of Ancient War

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Not impressed at all.


When I looked at R.A.W, it made me remind of some old hack and slash, like Nox. Then, the deception came. What I usually like in these games is that you can take all the paths and discover what is hidden everywhere and loot everything. However in R.A.W., the enemies keep respawning over and over again. So, when I realized that, I just did not want anymore to explore anymore, since everywhere I already went, enemies were still there. Moreover, they hunt you down, so make sure to kill them in small group, otherwise you will be quickly overwhelmed. The XP just seeems to work in a weird way. Sometimes you gain a lot after killing few enemies, and then you do not get anything for the rest of the level. Your stats only get better with the equipment that you have. You only gain skill points when you increase level, that's it. I would not recommend this at any time, keep your money for something else.

I played games 10 years ago that outdo this in every way


Having been a fan of the Snowblind engine games on consoles like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath, I had some interest in this title as well. Unfortunately, this game has left me massively disappointed. Story You are wandering around when you get attacked by some creatures. A voice tells you to head through a portal. You find the voice belongs to one of the 4 realms Kings, who is trapped in crystal and yet still able to communicate. He wants your help to activate 4 gates and stop these creatures at the source. More stuff happens later, but it doesn't get any better. The story is boring and forgettable. I quickly lost interest in it myself. Presentation Graphically, this game is decent. Not great, with the fixed camera, boring locations and constant repeated enemy types, but it isn't horrible. You at least know where you are on the screen, most of the time. Music and sound effects are poor at best. Fortunately, you won't remember it after you are done with the game. Controls The keyboard / mouse controls are just awful. Please, don't even try to play this without a gamepad. Playing with a gamepad has its problems still, but it can be played at least. You are unable to remap anything but the four face buttons, which could result in some irritation since the game doesn't follow the standard controls for similar games that use a gamepad. Gameplay Move forward, beat up enemies that spawn out of nowhere within sight of your character, and repeat. The randomly spawning enemies are quite a pain in the arse, and it doesn't help they don't even spawn out of camera. Gear is boring, with each piece of equipment for your chosen camera being the same as your previous gears in every way but stats. Speaking of stats, only gear can change those, levelling simply allows you a skill point to power up mostly pointless skills. Each skill doesn't even give you specifics on their enhancements, instead saying stuff like 'Minor damage, Moderate damage and Greater damage', meaning you won't even know how useful a skill is without spending points on it. At least there is an item you can use to have all skill points reset so you can later invest them in better skills. Wandering around each level can be bothersome as you have not been given a minimap of any sort, just a compass to point you towards your current quest location. Most levels aren't so big that you require it, but its sill an annoying omission. Lifespan If you can somehow beat the game even once, you still have the option of beating the game with all three character classes. I pity the people attempting such a goal. This also has a rather poor co-op mode, with the second player having a character with a scaled level and default equipment, that won't be saved between levels. Beyond getting an achievement by having a second player join in, I doubt anyone will bother with co-op. Closing Even ignoring the much better competition that was released years ago, this game is a poor choice for purchase. I would recommend against purchasing this title, your money can and should be spent on much better items.

Pretty Fun game


R.A.W. is a pretty fun hard addicting game. You can say its like a diablo clone but probably with more monsters on the screen at once to fight. Only 3 classes to choose from which are a warrior, a mage, and a Rogue. If you love games like Diablo, Titan Quest, or The incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, then ur probably love this game also.

I don't understand the hate.


First off, this is NOT a diablo, torchlight clone, think more along the lines of the Gauntlet games or some type of RPG you would find in an arcade. Lvling is simplistic, kill enough, gain xp, gain a skill point to put in a fairly simplistic tree, gain a few attribute points, and move on. 3 classes: Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Graphics are not the best, better than Diablo 2, but unfortunately not by much, but to me, that isn't that important in this type of game. You should really play this with a controller, this is a console port and it shows. As others have said Co-Op is local only but I feel the game stands on its own well enough as an SP game. Biggest thing to remember is that this is not trying to be a AAA game or even a torchlight. It is budget priced (still try and get it on sale) and it shows but it is a good waste of time for those who try to think of gauntlet legends and just kill some goblins.

Boring, generic, short and has a weak story.


It is very linear in its gameplay. There isn't loot to grind, well there isn't much loot to begin with. You can only level up when the game wants you to. So if you get in a new area you will likely level up after 10 monsters and after that level up your experience bar won't change for the rest of the area. It offers coop which is only local, but at least I was able to sit through it in coop, because otherwise I would have left it in my library sleeping for thousand years. The story is hilarious but not because it tries to. For example you will slaughter the dwarven army and after killing the dwarf kings bodyguards following dialogue comes up: "I humbly ask for your guidance...." Quests are fun too. Once there was a closed door and a quest popped up about seaching the key. Here is the fun part the key was RIGHT beneath the door. The good? I liked the skill tree, character design and liked its graphics. Buy it if it is cheap and you're desperate or really love coop gameplay.

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