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En Agents of Mayhem, dirigirás una operación en la que todo está permitido contra LEGION, una organización de supervillanos, y su misterioso líder, Morningstar. ¡Explora la ciudad de Seúl con un variado elenco de superagentes para impedir que LEGION domine el mundo!

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Game description

¡Agents of Mayhem es el último juego de acción en tercera persona de mundo abierto de los creadores de la franquicia Saints Row!

En Agents of Mayhem dirigirás una operación en la que todo está permitido contra LEGION, una organización de supervillanos, y su misterioso líder, Morningstar.

Tras los ataques globales de la noche del diablo, las ciudades del mundo fueron tomadas por los ministerios de LEGION: bandas de poderosos villanos que extraen su nombre de los siete pecados capitales.

Seúl es territorio de los científicos chiflados del Ministerio de la Soberbia de LEGION: el doctor Babylon y su pandilla de malvados secuaces.

Jugarás con distintos superagentes, cada uno con estilo, personalidad, armas y habilidades propios. ¡Explora la ciudad de Seúl para acabar con los operativos de LEGION y frustrar sus planes de dominar el mundo!

Los agentes de MAYHEM tienen licencia para hacer lo que les salga de las narices mientras consigan que la agencia crezca y LEGION sea derrotado.

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Deep Silver
Deep Silver Volition
Deep Silver
martes, 15 de agosto de 2017
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Korean, Italian, German, French, English
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Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • Intel Core i3 3xxx or above 
  • 8GB RAM 
  • Windows 7 64bit 
  • Nvidia Geforce 750Ti or above 
Recommended Requirements


  • Intel Core i7 4xxx or above 
  • 12GB RAM 
  • Windows 7 64 bit 
  • Nvidia Geforce 970 or above 

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Reviews for Agents Of Mayhem

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It's Not a Saints Row but it's really Enjoyable!


In Agents Of Mayhem, the unique humor sense of the game can be felt from the very first moments, and the whole story of the game is that you have to save the earth so except for this general route, you can not see a specific complexity or something unique in the story. The game chooses the same simple form of its predecessors so that it can focus on other issues. On the game as you progress through the story, each time you will introduce with one of Legion agents and you intend to fight them. Each of these enemies has a very interesting story, which is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable features of the game, one of them is a famous singer who wants to marry with an AI, but I do not intend to mention other very attractive characters in order to prevent the story from breaking for those who want to enjoy the game themselves. Agents of Mayhem has taken very wonderful characters and it has done well in this regard. Along with numerous agents, the gunplay is also great to make the game's combat system perfect and exciting. Each of the agents has a special weapons and type of attacks. apart from various attacks, the ability to jump three times and stay in the air for a limited time will also help you greatly and there is no covering system in the game, neither ran out of ammunition and the management of bullets. The game's combats are based entirely on an attack and a dodging. Agents of Mayhem, however can not be a Saints Row game for you but it's a very good game. If there were not problems with duplicate locations and game design, I would recommend 100% to all of you but you need to know If you are a true fan of Saints Row Series you definitely will enjoy the game.

Not Saints Row anymore, but still pretty fun.


Agent of Mayhem is a sequel, reboot, branchquale?(The kind Of Sequel, where it's only a continuation of one of the endings of a previous game.) Ok, this is confusing. So...this is a superhero game, where you play as heroes, who don't really pretend to have as much responsibility, as power. Not all heroes wear capes, and some of them even trash the place more then the villains themselves, but you know... The game itself is an open word, do whatever you want, wacky sandbox, that's even smaller then the previous games. No kidding, it even feels smaller then the firs Gta maps. Then again, you can move way faster, so maybe that's why. It is a rather good game still, i just wish it was bigger. the writing is rather funny, as always though.

New and yet familiar.


I'll be honest with you upfront. This is NOT Saint's Row. Yes, there is some crossover. That being said, Agents of Mayhem is largely its own experience. It actually has more in common with Crackdown than it does with Saints Row. Now that we have that issue cleared up, this game is fun and it is worth playing. One of the areas this game excels at, compared to Saints Row, is the gameplay. Each agent has their own unique styles and skills. I wasn't sold on the idea of playing pre-established characters, but swapping between them and running and gunning is an absolute joy. The gameplay never gets repetitive or tedious, as was the case with Saints Row from time to time. The comedy might not be as good as Saints Row IV, but it's definitely close. The game is absolutely jaw-dropping beautiful. Running everything on max settings with my 1080 Ti is absolutely breath-taking. It looks way better than I anticipated. I don't know if this will be a series Volition continues going forward (I still miss Saints Row). That being said, this is a respectable and fun new experience that Volition definitely did justice. I'm curious to see what Volition will do next.

Immediate Update Needed!


Agents of Mayhem, for those who want to put themselves in an apocalyptic environment and never had a good glimpse of legendary heroes, is a good title, because with the challenging gameplay along with the group games it can cling you on the its platform. Do not forget that the campaign section is not rich in fiction and this causes disappointment for the players. It is true that the you can't ignore the charm of Seoul sinking into the chaos but the drop in the frames we face in the PS4 version blinds the taste of each player; it is hoped that this problem will be resolved in the first or future updates published by the developers to gathers again the enthusiasts in this great action and third person game!

Little tone down but still pretty amazing.


Agents Of Mayhem is new title made by the developer of well-known Saints Row series. It clearly shows who made this game because the similarities are remarkable. We still have an open city to roam and crazy atmosphere. I'm only little disappointed when it comes to adult content in the game, there are no purple dildos to use as a weapon but overall it is the same good old crazy game.

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