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Day of Infamy 4 Pack





This pack contains 4 copies of Day of Infamy

The creators of Insurgency present the next installment of their successful FPS platform with Day of Infamy. Featuring tactical close-quarters WWII engagements across a wide range of multiplayer and coop scenarios, Day of Infamy is a highly intense teamwork-rewarding experience.


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Game description

This pack contains 4 copies of Day of Infamy


Day of Infamy takes you to the battleground of Southern and Western Europe during World War II. There are 10 maps, ranging from war-torn cities to farm villages, and fortified beachheads to snow-covered forests. Whether you are fighting for the U.S. Army, Commonwealth Forces or the German Wehrmacht, there is a vast arsenal of over 70 historical weapons and attachments.


Day of Infamy features 9 player classes and 10 objective-based game modes, providing a variety of experiences depending on what you’re looking for. Objectives include capture points, officers to assassinate, enemy intelligence to carry, and destructible targets such as anti-aircraft batteries, fuel dumps and radio communication centers. Multiplayer features larger scale battles with many reinforcement waves as well as smaller scale engagements with special reinforcement mechanics. With Cooperative, there are three distinct game modes and multiple enemy difficulties to keep things challenging.


Selecting the Officer class in the game puts you at the top of your team's chain of command. Pairing with a Radioman in the field will enable you to request supply drops, smoke screens, artillery barrages, as well as aircraft strafing and bombing runs. You may also issue various tactical commands to your team such as flanking or charging an objective. Communicating effectively as an Officer will allow you and your brothers-in-arms to turn the tide of battle with an effective plan or timely radio transmission.


Day of Infamy is a highly strategic experience that rewards intelligent maneuvering and coordination with your team. Pay close attention to your surroundings, as blindly running into an open area is the easiest way to get killed. Lean around corners, lay prone to steady your aim, and walk slowly to conceal the sound of your footsteps - these are effective strategies to stay alive. A team that sticks together, advances cautiously, and uses proximity VOIP is more likely to overcome a scattered and disorganized opponent.


As you play the game, you will progress through the ranks. In the full release, you will unlock historic units as you rank up, which you can then play as ingame. Ranking up does not provide players with any gameplay advantages or incentives, so gameplay balance will always remain purely skill-based.


The game comes with mod support and Workshop integration, providing players with a vast array of community created content. Built on Valve's Source Engine, the SDK is one of the most familiar out there. Modders can replace models, textures, sounds and user interfaces in the game, as well as add new maps or total conversions using the game's theater scripting system. There are already over 480 mods which have been created during the game's early access phase.

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New World Interactive LLC
New World Interactive LLC
Action, Indie, Shooter
New World Interactive LLC
jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017
Digital PC Download
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Insurgency meets WWII


For me this is even better than insurgency, this is in part down to a greater emphasis on roles than in the previous title. There is a greater focus on team-play as a result. Not to mention the superb voice acting which has me putting this title up there with my all time favourite WWII shooter COD World at War.

Some of the best value out there.


WHAT A GAME. Live out iconic moments and be part of tense battles in this indie WW2 shooter. As a history buff I revel in a game that makes so much effort to give you an accurate representation of weapons and uniforms at the time whilst having a lot of fun with the in game voice acting and sounds. Do not be put off by concurrent player numbers, the community is there and the difficulty curve isn't severe, there are always new players learning in lobby's of long term You can also play against bots also in a cooperative mode whereby you either defend points from an onslaught of enemy's or push into enemy territory completing objectives. With 62hrs played and counting and an investment of 7.00 on a sale, this is by far one of the best games I've ever bought on a value perspective alone. n,b If you play as a radio man, STICK WITH YOUR OFFICER!

Brothers in Arms


Being a teamwork-based game, it makes sense that New World Interactive decided to bundle Day of Infamy as a 4 Pack. That being said, you're going to want to find some trustworthy friends to play the game with, because Day of Infamy is anything but your average shooter. Like it's predecessor, Insurgency, Day of Infamy provides the player with a hardcore multiplayer shooting experience, this time set against the backdrop of World War II. The class types within the game make for some fun tactical decisions, and the ranking system is fair enough that other higher-levelled players won't gain a gameplay advantage over you. All in all, Day of Infamy looks visually as good as Insurgency and, if you can find a good squad to play with, it will certainly be worth your time and money.

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