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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider





De la mano de Arkane® Studios, ganadores de numerosos premios, llega Dishonored®: La muerte del Forastero™, la nueva aventura independiente de la aclamada saga Dishonored®. Asume el papel de la infame Billie Lurk, una dura asesina sobrenatural que intenta reunirse con Daud, su mentor, para llevar a cabo el asesinato más importante jamás.

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Game description

De la mano de Arkane® Studios, ganadores de numerosos premios, llega Dishonored®: La muerte del Forastero™, la nueva aventura independiente de la aclamada saga Dishonored®. Asume el papel de la infame Billie Lurk, una dura asesina sobrenatural que intenta reunirse con Daud, su mentor, para llevar a cabo el asesinato más importante jamás concebido. Tomando como base la distintiva jugabilidad y el estilo artístico de Dishonored® 2, La muerte del Forastero™ incluye todas las características de la serie: unos brutales sistemas de combate, un diseño de niveles único y una historia envolvente que tiene en cuenta todas tus decisiones. Gracias a sus personajes convincentes y a su acción trepidante, La muerte del Forastero™ es el punto de partida perfecto para los recién llegados a la serie Dishonored, y ofrece una importante expansión del juego y del mundo a los más veteranos.


Asume el papel de Billie Lurk (también conocida como Meagan Foster), antaño una de las asesinas a sueldo más famosas de Dunwall. Tras reunirte con Daud, tu antiguo mentor y legendario asesino, te propones llevar a cabo el asesinato más importante jamás concebido: matar al Forastero, una figura sobrenatural que Billie y Daud consideran que ha jugado un papel clave en el desarrollo de algunos de los sucesos más deshonrosos del imperio. A medida que te adentres en los rincones más turbios de Karnaca para descubrir el misterio del Forastero y sus orígenes, tendrás que enfrentarte a adversarios letales, poderes ancestrales y complicadas decisiones que cambiarán para siempre el mundo que te rodea.



La Asesina Sobrenatural Suprema

Quédate en las sombras o sal a la luz del día para enfrentarte a todos los rivales: tú decides. Al equiparte con un conjunto único de habilidades, artilugios y armas sobrenaturales, podrás enfrentarte a cada situación a tu manera. Usa tus habilidades y aptitudes para deslizarte por los alrededores sin que te vean o eliminar brutalmente a los rivales que se crucen en tu camino.

El Mayor asesinato

Matar al Forastero no será fácil. Tendrás que adentrarte en los sórdidos bajos fondos de Karnaca, donde desentrañarás algunos de los secretos perdidos de la ciudad. Por el camino te infiltrarás en clubes de peleas clandestinos o sectas de magia negra, y recuperarás artefactos antiguos en una emocionante misión en la que robarás un banco y que te preparará para la tarea más importante hasta el momento.

Los Objetivos Definitivos

Mientras das caza al Forastero, te enfrentarás a nuevos enemigos por el camino. Haz uso de tus armas, artilugios y habilidades para acabar con enemigos tan letales como los inmortales Imaginados, las implacables hermanas de la orden del oráculo y los nuevos soldados mecánicos. Sube el listón y acepta contratos para encontrar y eliminar objetivos opcionales a lo largo de la misión.

Vuelve A Jugar A Tu Manera

Aprovecha el mayor potencial para desatar un caos creativo y vuelve a jugar con algunos de los poderes característicos de Dishonored 2 en el modo Juego original + (JO+).

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Bethesda Softworks
Bethesda Game Studio
viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2017
Digital PC Download
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Reviews for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

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An excellent addition to the Dishonored franchise both lore and gameplay wise


Death of the Outsider has you taking the role of Billie Lurke after the events of the second game, your first goal is to rescue Daud an important character from the first game and a playable character in that game's DLC, once saving him your new mission is to attempt to kill the Outsider. The story will let you learn more about the Outsider, the most important character of the franchise, and those who worship him, the writing helped by the studio hiring someone who was formerly known for writing analysis of the character and his motivations. It will help if you have played the previous games. Some new fun powers are added, the most interesting one being a power to steal the appearance of another character allowing you to blend in with other characters, giving you a knew feel of being able to walk around an environment without having to always be hiding or possessing someone. Other new powers include a new movement ability, a way to knock back and kill enemies, and a way to explore an environment, mark enemies, and see their cones of vision. You also have access to new equipment, one that allows you to hear the whispers of rats. When you finish the game you will unlock a new game mode that allows you to use the powers from Dishonored 2. A new side quest system that allows you to find missions and perform side quests with different challenges is a great inclusion. There are some good levels though it never reaches the heights of the previous game's A Crack In the Slab level where you could move between different time periods. Playing through once should last you around 10+ hours and having access to multiple endings and the powers of the previous title in a new game plus mode does make it a title you are likely to replay at least once.

It's more like a DLC for Dishonored 2


This game is practically the same as previously ones especially Dishonored 2, but the highlight of the game would be it's story which is far better than Dishonored 2 in my opinion , the graphics also improved compared to previous game and it doesn't suffer from the technical and performance issues of the mentioned game at its launch. i guess Arkane Studios really learned from their mistakes and released a polished and optimized game this time. as i said gameplay feels mostly like Dishonored 2 and the only new thing is some modified abilities instead of the ones you had as Corvo or Emily and using them could be a little more enjoyable, but it completely depends on your taste! so if you are looking for more stories about Dishonored series you get to play as Billie Lurk aka Megan Foster with some new abilities , it's always fun and enjoying to explore the environments in a Dishonored title so you can have even more better one in this game, all in all i can say Dishonored: Death of the Outsider could be released as a dlc for Dishonored 2 , but they decided not to do so, ofcourse :) and i recommend to get it if you are a fan of the series or maybe wait for a sale to grab it!

Decent addition to the main game.


So far I can recommend Dishonored Death of the Outsider (despite the small flaws, which are simply unavoidable in a game of such calibre). The PC version appears graphically and technically very similar to the original Dishonored 2, but for me it is sufficient. My current recommendation is based only on the technical framework of the game and the first impression and those are good, I really like the new story, so if you had fun in Dishonored 2 you will like this one as well.

Doing an impossible work, Kill the outsider!


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a spin-off for Dishonored 2 which completely independent. In this new game which built on the basis of the gameplay and art style of Dishonored 2, you are in role of a professional killer that called Billie Lurk (We saw her in Dishonored 1: The Knife of Dunwall and in Dishonored 2 as Megan Foster). Billie does not have a good reputation and now that she is again united with his master Daud, she plans to execute the largest map of a murder that nobody has ever had before. This new game includes all the features of the Dishonored collection, including a harsh and quick struggle, a unique design and interactive storytelling that influences your decisions on the fate of the story.

Death of a franchise


Title of this expansion is self explendatory - your mission is exactly that. It sounds interesting and awesome, but the problem with that is execution. First of all, writing - while Dishonored 1 and 2 were not work of art or worthy any writing prize, it was consistent and lore was interesting. Those games may be simple and played out revenge stories, but it was consistent and done by competent people. I can't say anything like that about this one. Writing most of the time is really bad, sometimes it feels so bad, you might feel like it is some fanfic from some dark and forgotten corner of the internet. Wouldn't you know it, they got rid off of the writing staff from 1 and 2 and replaced them with mostly nobodies, some of them actually having fanfic writing in their resume (no joke, you can look it up and see for yourself - one of them getting the job only because of twitter). Spells and screams confidence, right? It's not even half as bad as you think it is - it can be worse. When it is good, it is meh or fine, but when it's bad, it is painful, like the mess of the ending they pulled off here. It feels disgusting that someone actually thought it was a worthy send off. Speaking of ending, there are two - lethal and non-lethal, without going into spoilers. As for the content itself... I'm disappointed, really. I know I can't and I did not expect crazy amount of content worth of full AAA game for 20GBP/30EUR price tag, but I expected more than 5 missions. Or rather, I expected more from those 5 missions, because most of those are half the size of the D2. But without further ado... You're probably wondering how long this expansion is. Be ready... around 5 hours. And that's for non-lethal playthrough, guns blazing would probably be much shorter. And people thought War of the Chosen with its crazy amount of content and replay value was bad. The only thing new in this expansion are 3 new powers (which are cool), some new weapons (also cool) and contracts, which work kind of like side-missions. And that will be your replay value. I know what some of you might think - this game will be worth playing twice for low chaos and high chaos ending. Think again, because chaos system got removed. NG+ at best gives you some new/old abilities (from vanilla Dishonored 2) to play with - not bad, but this option is extremely limited. I would rather have it other way around and play with Billie powers in vanilla. That would be awesome! But nope, no luck. Also, no runes - only bonecharms. Overall, poor man's version of Dishonored 2. Same pretty good gameplay, works little better than Dishonored 2 (because the maps are not as intense and complex), but the price for it is unreal, especially for meh plot/writing that are making the Kaldwin era not going with the bang, but ending with a whimper instead. Shame and disappointment. Not bad and somewhat enjoyable, just not worth the price. Wait for bigger discount. Average might look harsh, but if I would have to give it out of 10 score, it would be 7. You won't feel dirty playing it, but won't feel blown away either.

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