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Phone number rollout - FAQS

Why do you need my phone number?

It’s totally optional whether you want to add your phone number. However, it allows us to offer you a much quicker, easier and generally more convenient way to sign in to your Green Man Gaming Account.

Additionally, we’ll send you an SMS to help with verification, as well as alert you to important changes taking place on your account, such as when we receive password reset requests. You will also get real-time information on your purchases, such as finding out immediately when your pre-purchase game keys are available!

Is it secure?

We use the same highly-secure and GDPR-compliant technology as we use for sending emails to ensure that your data is private and secure. We do not sell your personal data to third parties and only contact you when it's absolutely necessary, or if you have opted into our marketing communications.

What kinds of messages will you send me?

We will send you SMS messages for a number of important account and payment-related reasons. These include (but are not limited to):

Password reset alerts

We take the security of your account seriously, which is why you’ll receive an SMS message when we have received a request to reset your password. This means that if it wasn’t you who is trying to change your password, you have the opportunity to alert us as quickly as possible.

Verification and account security

In addition to password resets, we’ll use your phone number as a way of checking that you’re who you say you are when making certain changes to your account, including your personal details (we’ll send you an SMS alert) or phone number (we’ll send you an SMS verification code). Additionally, our Greenguard system will detect when you’re trying to log in from a different country than normal, and will provide you with a verification code to enter on our site.


No one wants to wait a second longer than necessary for access to their games. That’s why if your payment fails for any reason, we’ll alert you straightaway. We’ll also let you know when your payment is pending, as well as share the good news when your order is confirmed.

Order information

You’ll have no doubt waited eagerly for your game key for a while if you’ve opted to pre-purchase a title, so we’ll let you know by SMS the moment it becomes available. And if it’s a regular purchase, we’ll confirm that for you too.

Can I change my mind and opt out?

You can choose to opt out of receiving SMS messages at any time; just untick the “SMS” box in the Communications section of your Account.

What if I change my phone number?

You can update your phone number in your Account on the Green Man Gaming website.

Will you share my details?

No, Green Man Gaming will never sell or share your personal details with third parties.

More information

For more information on how we manage your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.