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A Guide to the Best Free Survival Games – Games Are Too Easy, Enter the World of Games That Want to Kill You

One of the most interesting emergent genres of the last few years is the survival game. The genre tasks you with maintaining your own food, water, gear, and sometimes even sanity. The unique challenges offered by this genre make them incredibly compelling, which means that there are some great free survival games around. So read on to find out which games survive the harsh process of life and make it to the top of the best free-to-play survival games.


Unturned is one of the few open world survival games that is free to play. You play as one of the few remaining people who hasn’t been turned into a zombie. Surviving isn’t as simple as just keeping yourself alive, though. You need to flourish; in order to do that you’ll have to play nice with the others who still have a beating heart.

Unturned is really interesting because it allows for multiple approaches. Sure you can go in loud and shoot everything that moves, but if you do you’ll attract anything that can hear you. It is usually smarter to take the stealthy approach. The survival aspects come into play with nature itself, not content with simply pitting you against zombies, this free survival game has you fighting against the world too—foraging for food, hunting for meat, planting and maintaining crops. You’ll need to be very talented to ride this one out.

On top of all of this, you are also trying to keep your hideout safe. You can build up traps, barricades, or just decorate. You can even turn your vehicle into a Howl’s Moving Castle of sorts by building upon it. This game is deeper than a well you would hate to get trapped in. Survival is complicated after all.

The Devil Haunts Me

While Unturned is a huge open world survival game, The Devil Haunts me is a more personal affair. You start off in a cabin in the woods, which should tell you that this is more about horror than Unturned. You just have to stay alive; that’s it, no strings really. You need to chop wood in order to have heat, you need to hunt deer to have meat, and you need to fetch water to be able to drink. These are the basics of your survival, but this isn’t all there is.

The Devil Haunts me is one of the best free survival games because of a fantastic black and white aesthetic. This allows the game to use colour to shock you, so expect the only colour in this world to be a bad thing. You’ll have to survive in these haunted woods, and you’ll have to fight to do so. Life is not what it seems in these otherwise serene woods. Prepare for a scare in what is one of the best free-to-play survival games on PC.