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A Guild Wars 2 Guide – Start Your Journey Off Strong

Guild Wars 2 has been around so long that it may seem impossible to get into. Thankfully we have a Guild Wars 2 guide for you to get you started in the right way. This should help you find your way through the murky early stages of the game and make sure you can emerge victorious into the late game. Call it a Guild Wars 2 beginner’s guide if you want, it is all about helping you find your place in the early game.

Choose Your Character

As is usually the case, your first big decision is who you will play as. While much of this is cosmetic, your race actually does impact the game. As well as affecting your Personal Story quests and starting area this gives you access to racial skills.

The Asura are small creatures but are gifted with great intelligence. They believe strength is nothing in the face of towering intellect, and their skills reflect this. They can do things like confuse and poison enemies, summon golems, and most impressively, summon a power suit to make up for the lack of physical strength.

The Charr are a race defined by war. All they seek is battle and all they want is victory. Their skills involve the tools of their trade, they can shoot a hidden pistol, call in a powerful artillery strike, and even wield a powerful Charrzooka.

The Humans are a lost people and continue on despite having no idea of where they are going. They remain faithful despite being abandoned. They can pray to the gods for health regen, buffs, and even channel the power of the gods themselves to attack.

The Norn are a race of towering hunters who live life to hunt and seek glory in victory. They can call in animals to attack for them, and shapeshift into other animals in order to harness their power. They have four separate forms to choose from; each one is powerful in its own way.

Finally, in this Guild Wars 2 guide is the Sylvari. These creatures are honourable and merely wake up beneath the Pale Tree instead of being born. These druidic creatures can summon a healing seed, create turrets, and even summon spirits and hounds to fight with you.

Once you’ve chosen this you can choose your class, for which, thankfully, we have a guide ready to go. Just have a look and see which class suits your playstyle or your showmanship.

What to Do, What to Do?

The game is split into three distinct parts. You have PvE, this is the main bulk of the game and involves teaming up with others in order to overcome the story, dungeons and raids. There is PvP, which is available as soon as you start the game up. All gear is scaled, so you can jump straight in if you want to. It is two teams of five versus each other; you battle for control of three separate points in order to win. You then have world versus world combat in which you compete with two other worlds to try and hold the most keeps and whatnot. This can end up being between teams of 50, so be ready.

When you actually get started you will have a tutorial mission to do. After this, the world is your high fantasy oyster. Your best bet is to follow along with the quest lines you come across. These will guide you through each area of the world and provide some fun things to do as you travel around. You’ll be able to get materials from the world, go on hunts, and eventually take on high-level dungeons and raids which require intense teamwork and skill. A good shout is to join a guild and make some friends, after all, they will always make the experience that much better. Thus ends our Guild Wars 2 beginner’s guide.