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What is Warframe? A Beginner’s Look Into This Incredible Free-to-Play Game

Warframe is a phenomenon. It came to prominence around the same time as Destiny and during the early years was simply written off as a free–to-play version of it. In Warframe you play as a Tenno, a surviving race of beings and the only ones who can use the incredible Warframes. Your role is to try and take back the solar system from the horrific beings that inhabit it. No small task for sure.  

Warframe, Tenno, Anything Else?

What is Warframe? Well, it’s a third person shooter/action game that is defined by fast-paced gameplay, intense melee combat, and an awful lot of lore. While the jargon can seem a little confusing at first, most of it will be rolled out as you play through the story. So don’t worry too much if it all seems like gobbledegook—it is, but then most of the best games are.

The main thing to work out is the kind of playstyle you like; this will inform which Warframe to go for when starting up the game. You can unlock others as you play through the game, or you can fork out some of that real-world money in order to get them sooner. With the huge array of Warframes on offer, you’re sure to find one that fits you like a glove—or an enhanced exoskeleton.

Space Ninjas?

Yeah, space ninjas. If you’re completely new to Warframe then you might look at it and assume it is strictly a shooter. Possibly the best part about the game is the gameplay variety on offer. You can play the game as a third person shooter if you want, but you can also play it as a beat ‘em up of sorts. You can just as easily make it through the world with a katana as you can with an assault rifle.

On top of this, each Warframe has its own unique abilities. Each one has some incredible special attacks to unleash if things get a little bit sticky, and each suits a different playstyle. It isn’t just about the way the game plays, of course, you can always simply pick the one that looks the coolest to you. No matter which one you choose you can make your way around the incredible alien landscape in style by leaping, sliding and gliding around. It just feels really good to play, the fact that it is free is hard to wrap your head around.

Of course, things are always better with friends, so it is for the best that Warframe lets you in with a squad of three other people. Nothing feels quite as flowing through a group of enemies as a squad, and just decimating everything that stands in your way. The game looks brilliant too. So in short, it plays well, looks good, is a lot of fun, has space ninjas, and is free. What are you waiting for?