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Ring of Elysium Best Guns Guide – Get armed with knowledge

Looting and shooting make up the majority of what you’ll be doing in Ring of Elysium, and in order to expedite that process you’ll want to know at a glance what gun is better than another gun, and what guns you prefer. 

That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide that’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Ring of Elysium guns including which are the best guns in Ring of Elysium, and an overview of every gun in each class of weapon; pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. This’ll help you learn what the Ring of Elysium best guns are, and the best weapons for your battle.

Ring of Elysium Pistols

  • Glock 17: The weakest pistol in the game, you’ll most often toss this as soon as you get an upgrade. Handy in a pinch, but not for much else.
  • USP 45: An upgraded Glock 17 sees this gun do a little more damage, but overall it’s still just a stepping stone to true devastating power.
  • Deagle: With a scarcity of ammo but the ability to attach a sight and a hefty punch, if you get your hands on a Deagle you’ll have to take aim carefully, but if you hit what you’re aiming at you’ll blow a hole straight through it.

Ring of Elysium Submachine Guns

  • Vector: Has an extremely high damage output, meaning if you something you’ll be killing it pretty quickly. This is offset by its low clip size with only 13 bullets being fireable by default. This can be expanded with modifications, along with added stability at medium to close range.
  • MPX-SD: With a higher fire rate than the similar-in-stats MP5, this submachine gun is limited by its low clip size and decreased range. A killer at close range, it rapidly drops off when enemies move beyond its range.
  • MP5: The classic submachine gun fits squarely in between the Vector and the MPX-SD. Considered to handle extremely well at all ranges and with modifications that can reduce the noise it makes, the MP5 is a solid choice for anyone fleeing the ash.

Ring of Elysium Assault Rifles

  • AK-47: The poster child for assault rifles, the AK-47 packs a mighty punch. This is offset by a colossal recoil making followup shots a real challenge to pin down. 
  • Ak-15: Similar in stats to the AK-47 and with similar drawbacks, the Ak-15 is boosted with a better range, better stability, and a better fire rate.
  • Groza: The smallest assault rifle, the Groza mixes the power of the AK-47 with a more utility at close range. If you need to spray at a rapidly approaching enemy, the Groza might be your weapon of choice.
  • FAMAS: The FAMAS is the only assault rifle in Ring of Elysium that has a burst-fire mode. With heavy recoil it can be a challenge to use, but ultimately extremely rewarding.
  • LVOA-C: Highly accurate over short-to-mid ranges, the LVOA-C offers the skilled player extreme precision and a decent damage output.
  • M4A1: With a similar stat lineup to the LVOA-C but with more damage per bullet, the M4A1 might just be the most popular assault rifle in Ring of Elysium.
  • AUG: Found only in airdrops, this is probably one of the most powerful weapons in Ring of Elysium. With a high fire rate, high bullet damage, and good handling over close range, it stands head and shoulders above almost any other gun in the close-to-mid range arena. However, be aware as its bullet drop-off is severe, so taking on longer range opponents will be next to impossible with the AUG.

Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles

  • G28: With a semi-automatic firing rate and a decent punch behind its hits, this sniper is a trusty workhorse of Ring of Elysium. 
  • MK12: With a lower bullet damage than the G28 but a faster fire rate, you’ll find this a useful intermediary while you’re looking for better and more powerful sniper rifles.
  • VKS: A powerful long range weapon that only suffers from severe bullet drop, it still offers the player a guaranteed one-hit kill if used correctly.
  • Mosin Nagant: Probably the most simple sniper rifle to just pick up and use, it uses a simplified scope for quicker aiming. It still offers an incredibly damage output, making it a very popular sniper rifle.
  • MK200: Another weapon only found in airdrops, this is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in Ring of Elysium. With incredibly fast bullets that hit hard, if you get your hands on the MK200 you’ll be very happy.
  • Remington 700: With a high range, little bullet drop off, powerful shots, and the ability to attach different scopes, the Remington 700 is the sniper’s choice in Ring of Elysium. The only downside is a low rate of fire, but with each bullet taking a life, who cares?

Ring of Elysium Shotguns

  1. Origin 12: With a hire rate of fire, the Origin 12 is the fastest shotgun in Ring of Elysium. The trade-off is the low power of each shot, making this a difficult gun to get used to.
  2. Citori: With only two shots before reloading, the Citori may seem less good than the Origin 12. It makes up for this, however, with an extremely powerful shot. If you hit something with the Citori, whatever you hit knows it.
  3. Remington 870: Combining the best of both the Origin 12 and the Citori, if you use the Remington 870 you’ll be destroying foes in close range with ease. The only downside is the pump-action in between each shot, but it makes up for that with utility and power in spades.

Now you should have a greater idea of what weapons are best, or at least which one you’ll be aiming for when you drop into Ring of Elysium and which Ring of Elysium weapons you prefer. If you haven’t installed Ring of Elysium yet, you can learn how to play and where to get it right here.