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World Of Tanks Mods – Which Ones Are The Best

World of Tanks is a popular online PC game, and that means it has a huge modding scene that can do pretty much anything you can dream of. However, it is also a multiplayer game, which means that these ideally have to be regulated. Otherwise, you end up with a bunch of people piloting mech suits instead of tanks… not a fair and balanced game at that point. Well, World of Tanks makes sure that things remain fun and fair by having their own official mod hub. While there is a huge number of options there, we thought we would highlight few of the World of Tanks mods for you.  

Damage Indicator

This is one of the World of Tanks mods that really helps you get to grips with the game. When you start off playing, every single hit you take is going to feel like it came out of nowhere. This World of Tanks mod lets you see which direction you were hit from. It may feel a bit like cheating, but it will get you used to the flow of the game. Knowing where the damage came from is only part of the battle. You need to be able to make the most of this little titbit by actually chasing down your assailant and punishing them. Alternatively, if you are in no fit state to fight, or just on your own, then you can run away and live to fight another day. Being alive keeps you in the fight after all.

Modified Map

They say that knowledge is power. They also say that ignorance is bliss. In World of Tanks ignorance is going to get you killed, so you are better off following the first saying. The Modified Map gives you a whole heap of info, technically without  cheating. It shows a hypothetical vision line, which is the orange one. It shows you all tanks within a 50m radius if they have already been spotted. Plus, it has a red marker for the last known position of enemy tanks. It gives you so much tactical information that it is easy to consider it one of World of Tanks best mods.

Damage Indicator

Can you see the theme of these mods? None of them are going to win the game on their own but they all give you some of the info you need. This is another one of the World of Tanks mods designed for new players. The Info Panel gives you lots of basic information about the target you are aiming at, including top speed, the kind of weapon it has, and how long it will take them to reload. This allows you to decide whether to charge in or run away. This kind of knowledge evens out the playing field against the veteran players—plus, they probably have it installed anyway.