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A World Of Tanks Guide – Some Starter Tips For World Of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online shooter where you drive a tank and shoot other tanks, all the while trying not to get shot by said tanks. While this premise sounds simple, it definitely isn’t—at least, not at first. There are a lot of little things to consider when playing the game, such as the angle to attack at, when to rush in and when to retreat, and even how to put your tank together. It isn’t as simple as simple shooting the bad guys. It is our duty, as always, to help you out with this handy little World of Tanks guide.


Tanks all have armour. Do you know what they call a tank without armour? A car. With treads. Maybe the joke doesn’t work, but all tanks are still covered in armour. You need to remember this when firing at them. Armour is laid out like this 80/55/55 Which is front, sides, back. If you fire a shell with 70mm standard penetration then it will deal damage in the sides and rear, but not the back.

That isn’t all though, what kind of a World of Tanks beginner guide would this be without a full explanation? The other thing you need to keep in mind is the angle of your attack. The ideal attack is perpendicular to the tank part you are shooting. If the angle is too wide then you run the risk of the shell ricocheting off and doing no damage. So make sure you are positioned well.

Where to Shoot

As is the case in most games you should aim ahead of a moving target. Shells take time to reach their destination, so the further the enemy is from you, the larger the gap you need to leave. In close combat you can use the auto-aim, which allows you to focus on your own driving, so that you can avoid being shot to pieces. It isn’t as accurate as normal firing, but it is useful.

If you find that you can’t actually do any damage to the other tanks then maybe you should focus on individual modules, which are the various components that make up the tank itself, or at least the upgrades. It is usually wise to focus on the tracks of a stronger tank in order to keep them still. You get rewarded for this kind of thing so it will still benefit you.


The last point in this World of Tanks guide is about modules, which come in five types: gun, turret, suspension, engine, and radio. All of these can be upgraded, and all will improve your performance as a result. The gun will improve the overall firepower of your tank. The turret houses the main gun, and usually some crew too. It has armour, and makes your vehicle stronger. The suspension affects load limit and speed. The engine dictates your top speed and acceleration. Finally, the radio lets you swap intel with other team members. This is essential to working together and is a lot more important than you might initially think.