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Dauntless Lanterns -Exploring Types & Their Abilities

Fighting off the gigantic Behemoths in Dauntless involves huge weapons, hard armour, and more than a little bit of skill. You’d be forgiven for thinking that taking a Lantern isn’t the most important thing, but you’d also be wrong. Lanterns are an integral part of any Slayer’s arsenal because they allow you to get the small edges you need in order to win.

Dauntless Lanterns

There are multiple different kinds of Lanterns, and they are not all equal. While it’s hard to say which is the best lantern in Dauntless, you’ll probably find your favourite based on your own playstyle. You can forge any of these by using the parts of the corresponding monster and talking to Arkan Drew, who can craft them for you.

Each of them has two abilities, one that activates by quickly pressing the Lantern button, which recharges over time. The other recharges by dealing weapon damage, drinking from Aether Vents, or collecting Aether wisps. This Dauntless Lantern ability is activated by holding the Lantern button. Here is every Lantern and what it does:

Recruit’s Lantern

Obtained: Available from the start.
Instant Ability: Grants a 50 hit point shield, you can’t stack this though.
Hold Ability: Disperses the stored aether in order to track the Behemoth.

Drask’s Eye

Obtained: By farming Drask parts.
Instant Ability: Deal an extra 30% damage for six seconds.
Hold Ability: Firs a lightning bolt that deals 150 shock damage per hit.

Embermane’s Rapture

Obtained: By farming Embermane parts.
Instant Ability: Increases attack speed by 30% for eight seconds.
Hold Ability: Creates a fireball that explodes after five seconds and deals 850 blaze damage to nearby enemies.

Pangar’s Shine

Obtained: By farming Pangar parts.
Instant Ability: Restores 25% of your maximum Stamina.
Hold Ability: Summons a pillar of frost in front of you that deals damage over time for 12 seconds up to 960 frost damage.

Shirke’s Zeal

Obtained: By farming Shrike parts.
Instant Ability: Increases movement speed by 40% for six seconds.
Hold Ability: Gives you an aura that increases the movement speed and attack speed of nearby slayers by 15% for 15 seconds.

Skarn’s Defiance

Obtained: By farming Skarn parts.
Instant Ability: Gives a 250 hit point shield for six seconds.
Hold Ability: Conjures a whirlwind of stone around the player that deals 900 terra damage over ten seconds to nearby enemies.

Koshai’s Bloom

Obtained: By farming Koshai parts.
Instant Ability: Lets you drain health from enemies and grants you 10% of damage dealt back to you as health for eight seconds.
Hold Ability: Dash forwards dealing 750 terra damage as you go.

Those are all of the Dauntless Lanterns. They might not be as flashy as the weapons, but they are an essential part of any Slayer’s equipment thanks to the different purposes they can serve. Learning to use them alongside your normal attacks and defensive strategies is the difference between an amateur Behemoth Slayer and a professional one. So, make sure you find the one that brings out the best in you.

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