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Dauntless Behemoths – Everything You Need To Know

Behemoths are the main enemies in the game, and they are basically the things you’ll spend most of your time trying to survive against. They come in a variety of different elemental leanings, fighting off these monsters is the only way to get new gear or upgrade your current equipment. Farming them can even lead you to get some of the Dauntless exotics, so you’re going to need to get to know them.

Dauntless All Behemoths

Some of the Behemoths actually have sub-species variants, but for the sake of this guide, we are just going to lump them in together. The main difference is that the variants will be stronger or weaker, so it’s more a matter of having better gear than anything else. We are going to split the behemoths into groups, that way you know what to take to each fight, as well as what weaknesses they have.

Dauntless Neutral Behemoths

With no weaknesses and no strengths, these monsters have to be taken down with skill alone.


A strange, part reptilian, very angry, hamster of sorts. It likes to burrow and use its powerful tail to flatten enemies before chomping on them with its huge teeth.


This beast turns its food into sharp spines that it can fire at anything that threatens it. Make sure to stay on the move if you don’t want to be skewered.


It’s basically a really angry owl-bear. It can cause small vortexes and likes to body slam anyone stupid enough to stand against it.

Dauntless Blaze Behemoths

These beasts are weak to Frost damage and strong against Blaze damage. Bring Blaze armor and a Frost weapon to have the greatest chance.


An armoured lizard that can blast out jets of flames in multiple directions. Make sure to keep your distance if you think it’s about to fire.


An incredibly fast big cat that likes to use it’s horn to attack and potentially kill its prey. Never let it out of your sight or you’re likely to become its food. 


A very heavily-armoured beast that can launch itself at you at high speeds. It can also cause small pools of magma to appear as it attacks, so watch your feet.

Dauntless Frost Behemoths

Strong against Frost but weak to Blaze, these cool customers can be taken down with Blaze weapons and Frost armor.


A frosty pack leader that controls a pack of minions with psionic abilities. It can also coat itself in ice in order to become invulnerable.


The icy cousin of the Hellion, it uses its tusks to attack and can roll up into a ball in order to chase you around the battlefield.


It’s another owl-bear. Good news for fans of D&D, bad news for anyone trying to fight it. It can freeze prey solid before shattering them with its powerful strikes.

Dauntless Shock Behemoths 

These Dauntless Behemoths are strong against Shock but weak to Terra damage. Bring a mighty earthen weapon to deal the most damage.


A gigantic electric crocodile that likes to attack using its tail. They can even attack from long-range using electrical bolts.


Similar to the Quillshot, this beast instead fires off electrical charges as it spins. If you get struck, you’ll be hit with a follow-up attack from its sharp claws. 


From the name, you might expect this to be a bird of some sort, but it’s actually closer to being some kind of deer. It attacks using electrical traps and its bulky frame. 

Dauntless Terra Behemoths

You may be shocked to learn that these beasts are weak to Shock but strong against Terra damage. Bring a lightning-fast weapon to have the greatest effect.


A bug-like creature that prefers to stay in the air. They can also turn invisible which makes hunting them even trickier. Add in their love of long-range attacks and you’ve got some serious problems.


A majestic beast with a towering frame, it summons vines and thorns to attack and is dangerous at both close and long-range. It can even hold you in place if you aren’t careful.


Literally coated in rock, the Skarn is one of the toughest Dauntless Behemoths. They will try and crush you under their immense weight throughout the fight.


These shadowy Behemoths are weak to Radiant damage but strong against Umbral attacks. Pack accordingly. 


A teleporting big cat with a bat’s head. This dark beast is hard to fight due to its unique abilities and should be approached with caution.


A hulking great crow that uses darkness to trap and you and leave you open to attacks. They are probably the hardest enemy in the game at present, so make sure to bring a good team with you.

Dauntless Radiant Behemoths

The last group of monsters in our Dauntless Behemoths list, these creatures are weak to Umbral damage, so bring the right weapons to win. 


These gigantic dragonflies can fire beams of light at you in order to deal damage. They tend to stay airborne which makes them tough to hunt with slower weapons.


Basically a huge stab beetle, this Dauntless Behemoth likes to charge at you and will do so again and again. Try to avoid its attacks by dodging to the side and then hope for the best.

Now you know about all Behemoths in Dauntless, you might need some extra tips to survive and take them down. Here’s our Dauntless Tips and Tricks guide with all the know-how you’ll need.