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A Guide To The Tera Races – A Bit Of Help With Tera Online Character Creation

A big part of Tera online character creation is picking the Tera race. While the stats they provide aren’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, the abilities they grant can be game-changing. Plus, you want to look good while saving the world, don’t you? So, read on and find out the small differences between each class to find which one suits you.


The Aman are descendants of dragons and they have the strength to prove it. Nearly all of their abilities are based around being tough as nails. They naturally have a resistance to damage-over-time effects that will save you more than you might realise. They can also stop themselves being knocked down, and even boost their damage resistance when their health is low. This is one of the tougher Tera races and is great for melee combat as a result.


The Baraka are all about balance, but they’re also related to giants, so they are strong. They have passive abilities that help them resist being paralyzed or bound, and their stamina never falls below 20 percent. They can replenish all of their health with ancient magic, and also make magic weapons a little bit faster. This is another great Tera race for those who want to stay alive forever.  


The Castanic are a very clever race; the females are also one of only two races that can be a Gunner. They have passive abilities that give them a better chance of critical attacks from behind, save them from fall damage, and even speed up metal crafting with weapons. They can even boost their combat speed at the risk of their stability, so they are a good class for those who like flurries instead of single hits. This is a Tera race for those who like to sneak, or those who like to deal death by a thousand cuts.


The Elin are a small race whose general cuteness belies a dark sense of humour and a love of harmony. Due to their connection to nature, they are good at gathering up plant resources, and they are fantastic swimmers. They can also speed up their movement outside of combat and even sneak past monsters. This is a pretty good all-around Tera race or a good one to choose for any budding botanists.

High Elf

The High Elves are a race of tall humanoid beings who are pretty good with magic. The female High Elf is the only other race that can be a Gunner. A High Elf can gather alchemical essences faster than any other class and also regenerate some mana when they resurrect. They also have an ancient connection to the Core to get all of their mana back. The High Elf is a great Tera race for any magic-wielding class.


As is often the case, Humans are the balanced class, not really excelling at anything but relying on their wiles to get by. Humans have the ability to regenerate health when they are resurrected and take less damage when low on health against other players. They can also resist knockdown or paralysis. This is a good Tera race for anyone who likes PVP.


Popori are a race of beast people who look a little bit like Rocket Racoon. They are cunning and curious like so many animals. They share pretty much all of the abilities of the Elin, but are also cute and fluffy, which makes them the most adorable Tera race.