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Skyforge Classes – A Guide to the Kind of God You Can Be

Becoming a god is a pretty big decision. How do you want to be remembered? Do you want statues, or plates, or a vase, or some kind of book? No matter what you want, or how you want your followers to behave, Skyforge is a good game for just this. You just need to figure out which of the Skyforge classes to become. If you want to ask Skyforge how to unlock classes you can’t. Thankfully, you won’t need to because you’ll find out how here.

Unlocking the Gods

When you start the game you will have access to three of the Skyforge classes. You unlock the others by playing the game. Specifically, you need to progress through the provinces. As you get past each class’s temple it will become available for purchase. So you really need to get stuck in before you get access to all of these, but you’ll have them all eventually. The classes are split into five distinct categories, so here we go.


The Alchemist is a half-mad scientist who uses his mobile alchemy laboratory to cook up damaging concoctions on the go. He combines various attacks in order to have greater effect. He can also support teammates and buff himself. He even has some healing ability and so is a fun support class.

Lightbinders are the second of the Skyforge classes dedicated to supporting others. They have an aura which boosts their strength as well as their companions. They can use their own stats to lift up their friends and can even shield a fighter. They can summon the power of the heavens to finish opponents off in a blast of light.


Knights are a tank class capable of withstanding a huge amount of damage as well as distracting enemies. Usually with their own faces. They can stun enemies with knockdowns and use their spear and shield so that they are always on the offensive and defensive. In a bind, they can even throw their spear. They aren’t the flashiest of the Skyforge classes but they get the job done.

Paladins are titans of defensive abilities and hardiness. They have access to temporary invincibility and can inflict some strong damage over a large area thanks to their holy connections. To deal out damage they have to be near an enemy; they can either draw an enemy to them or charge straight in. They aren’t huge damage dealers, but their defence makes up for this.

Energy Attack

Cryomancers specialise in using the cold to damage opponents from a distance. They inflict massive damage and can finish off a foe fast. While they are mainly a ranged class they can also look after themselves when in a bind. Their allies will also benefit from their crowd control skills.

Kinetics form an advanced class capable of manipulating gravity. They stack up a Kinetic Charge in order to make their attacks more powerful and can literally knock opponents around. They can also slow attackers and trap enemies using gravity. This is one of the more interesting Skyforge classes.

Who doesn’t love Necromancers? These are masters of death and raise the dead in order to do their bidding. They can drain the health of their targets and they have the ability to transform into a mighty Lich. You use your own health to deal out huge damage and you are capable of huge AoE attacks and can inflict some great damage through time spells too.

What if you want to be a Warlock or a Witch? Well, Skyforge has you covered. This is a class that specialises in damage through time effects. That isn’t all, though, they can also charm enemies and can replenish their own magical energy. This class is all about learning to order your spells and time things right.

Melee Attack

If you get angry then you should be a Berserker. These warriors fight using pure rage and specialise in chaining together attacks into huge combos. They have the ability to self-heal using their addiction to battle, and can even become enveloped in flames in order to destroy those who survive the initial onslaught.

The zen attackers are the Monks—the polar opposite of the Berserker. They specialise in using their staffs to attack enemies and they use a wide array of special stances to perform amazing attacks and inflict huge damage. This is one of the showiest Skyforge classes when it comes to melee fights.

Revenants are a fighters addicted to glory. They revere death and seek to die in combat to a worthy foe, or simply to crush anyone foolish enough to stand up to them. They use huge, slow attacks that get stronger with each strike. They can drain enemies of vitality or simply smash them with their giant axes. This is a good melee class for AoE attacks and big hits.

Slayers are the ninjas of the gods. They can become invisible in order to stage damaging surprise attacks using their twin blades. They can sneak up behind enemies in order to backstab them for huge damage and can even lay explosives around to trap their targets. A truly devilish class that delights in the underhanded.

Ranged Attack

Archers use their bows to hit enemies before they become at risk themselves. They use an array of traps and gadgets to inflict special damage or impede their prey. With high evasion and a great deal of skill, they can pick out an enemy’s weakness and take full advantage of it. This is one of the more tactical Skyforge classes.

Gunners form a class that has little interest in anything outside of testing their tools and weapons. They just want to watch the world burn, and they want to be the ones to set it on fire. They have an array of weapons to use, each of which changes the way they attack and what they are good at.
If you are a rebel then maybe Outlaws are for you. This class is for fans of westerns. They wield dual weapons and can even throw dynamite. They are charming and dangerous and incredibly accurate. They also have high mobility and can fire off a lot of shots in succession. This is one of the Skyforge classes that harks back to a past era. A lot of fun.