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Guild Wars 2 Class Guide – What Is the Best Guild Wars 2 Class for You?

Guild Wars 2 is one of the pillars of the free-to-play MMORPG genre, it has since added in some paid expansions as it does so well. It has been around forever and is an absolute institution. It is fun to play, will last you forever, and has such a variety of things to do that you will never be bored. Naturally though, with a game this size comes some important decisions, and with these decisions comes stress. So check out our Guild Wars 2 class guide. After all, you can’t ask Guild Wars 2 what class to play, but you can ask us.

The Soldiers

The soldiers are the answer to “What is Guild Wars 2 best class for tanking?” They dole out a huge amount of damage thanks to the weapons and abilities they use. Each of these classes has two elite specialisations.

The first specialisation is the Guardian, which is a melee class that can support allies with defensive magic. They use the virtues of courage, justice, and resolve in order to take out opponents and protect their friends. They can then become Dragonhunters, who focus on trap skills and can use a longbow. Or if you prefer, they can become Firebrands who use mantras in order to bathe their axes in fires and deal out damage.

Next up is the Revenant. This is a class that can be either melee or a ranged class. It invokes the power of legendary heroes in order to channel its abilities and can use magic in order to gain extra strength. It can choose to become a Herald, one of a group of warriors who can invoke the power of a legendary dragon to power themselves up. They can also become Renegades who are short, bow-wielding, damage-dealing beasts.

The third class is the Warrior, a master of martial combat and a brilliant melee fighter. It is good at surviving incoming damage and wields a large variety of weapons. The more it attacks, the more damage it can attack, so being in the fray is ideal. It can become a Berserker, a powerful class that can wield a weapon in one hand and a torch in the other. It can also become a Spellbreaker,  a class which focuses on meditation skills and counter attacks.  

The Adventurers

Next up is the adventurers section of our Guild Wars 2 class guide. These are your mid-range combatants and tend to be quite flexible.

The Engineer is the Guild Wars 2 best class for the tech-inclined. It uses a mixture of gadgets, turrets, and tool kits to cause mayhem. It is a brilliant utility class thanks to its ingenuity. It can become a Scrapper a class, which focuses on gyros to do its bidding. It can also become a Holosmith, a class with access to both the Photon Forge mode and a sword.

Rangers form your typical elf class. They use ranged attacks and pets in order to hunt their enemies down. If you like the natural effects you can become one of the Druids. This class gains access to the astral force which allows them to become a celestial avatar. If you are more into becoming a beast yourself then you can become a Soulbeast. This class can merge with its pets in order to become a beast on the battlefield.

Finally, we have the Thiefs, a tricky class that uses stealth and evasion to dish out damage at close range and steal from their targets. They can become Daredevils – not the red one. This class focuses on the physical skills; they have high evasion, they can also wield a staff. If not, a Thief can become a Deadeye. This is a sniper class who focuses on high accuracy and has access to spells that increases their damage.

The Scholars

The final grouping is the Scholars. These are the weakest of the fighters but are long-range fighters with great adaptability.

The first of these in this section of our Guild Wars 2 class guide is the Elementalist. This class can switch between fire, water, air, and earth in order to adapt to the situation at hand. it can become either a Tempest, a support-tinged version that can buff its allies and overcharge its elements, or it can become a Weaver, a sword-based class that can combine elements for devastating effects.

Second are the Mesmers, a class based around misdirection and illusions. They can attack enemies or confuse them and put on a great show as they fight. They can become Chronomancers, a class strong enough to rend both space and time. This class literally wields time as a weapon. If that doesn’t take your fancy you can become a Mirage, a master of deception that can cloak and ambush enemies.
The final class in this Guild Wars 2 class guide is the Necromancer. This class wields life force in order to use the death of others to guard itself against damage. It can also summon minions instead of fighting by itself. You can choose to become a Reaper, a class that takes the power of the Necromancer and adds a greatsword. If not, maybe the Scourge is for you. This is a class that focuses on punishment skills and gains the ability to buff its allies.