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A Tera Beginner’s Guide – A Few Tera Tips for New Players

The time has come to get stuck into a new MMORPG. If only there was some kind of Tera beginner’s guide to help you get started…well, good news, that’s exactly what this is. Whether this is your first MMORPG or your 50th, these tips will help you make the most of this incredible free-to-play game.

What to Be?

With a wealth of races and classes to choose from you might be worried about choosing the wrong one. What if you don’t minmax the decision and end up making a mistake? Realistically, the stat differences are incredibly small as you start to progress through the game, so choose a race you like the look of or one you like the racial traits of.

It wouldn’t be much of a Tera online beginner guide if we didn’t give you some tips other than ‘don’t worry’ though. The class decision affects the way the game will play for you so it is pretty important. The best thing to do is just try out the classes you like the look of, this way you can find the one that you really like then just keep going with it. The first few level ups are pretty easy to earn so it doesn’t take too much effort to make sure you enjoy your choices.

Getting Stronger

As is the way in many MMORPGs the best way to get stronger in Tera is to grind it out. Find a spot with some level appropriate enemies and just lay them to waste time and time again. As you get stronger you should visit your class or profession trainer in order to keep gaining new abilities. It really is just a simple matter of maths here, the more time you put into getting stronger, the stronger you’ll get. Of course, the best thing to do is to convince a couple of friends to play as well, a problem shared is a problem kicked into the air and set on fire.

Pay Attention

You may sometimes feel as though you don’t know what you’re doing. The best thing to do in these cases is to re-read the quest descriptions as they usually tell you everything you need to know. It may seem arbitrary but it really is that simple. It is worth keeping an eye on other players as you start off too, there may be people willing to help you out as you find your way. Just make sure you don’t hassle anyone, as that’ll get you nowhere.

Money Makes the World Go Around

Money is almost as important as experience. You can get money from completing quests, as well as killing and looting enemies you find. You can also use the Trade Broker to earn a fair bit of cash by selling on uncommon items you aren’t going to use. At high levels, players might not want to farm the weaker enemies, so if you can sell to them what they need, you can make a pretty penny. You could learn a craft too, just be aware that just because you put the hard work in doesn’t necessarily mean the item will be worth more. Always check prices on any raw materials against the value of a finished product. Hopefully, these Tera tips for new players will help you enjoy your time with the game. So enjoy the hustle.