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A Skyforge Beginners Guide – Where to Start and What to Do

You’ve decided to enter the pantheon of the gods and become divine yourself. The only trouble is that you don’t know where to start. After all, it can’t be all that simple to shed these mortal chains and become something so much more, can it? Well, we are on hand to show you the way to the light, to show you how to ascend. Continue on to find a Skyforge guide which will get you started on the path.

Shape Your Divinity

As is so often the case with a free-to-play MMORPG the first thing you need to do is create your character. You start off by choosing your gender and then your basic preset character. You can then customise nearly everything about them to make them look however you like. The good news is that even after the tutorial is done you can change your look again. Good news for the uncertain and fickle among us.

Fight the Good Fight

After you have crafted yourself you will be chucked into the tutorial section. The combat in Skyforge is more like an action game than a traditional MMORPG. As such, you will be spending a lot of time mashing out combos and focusing on your positioning rather than just hitting attack and waiting. Once an enemy is nearly dead you can perform a finishing attack to do it in style.

Once you have completed this part of the process you will then choose a class. As we said in our Skyforge classes guide, while there are 15 classes in total, you only start with three. You can choose to be the aggressive Cryomancer, the defensive Paladin, or the supportive Lightbinder. You aren’t stuck with these though. You can unlock classes as you go and you can change whenever you want.

And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Wandering around the world can actually be a little easier than normal in Skyforge. You can highlight a quest marker, push space and you will mosey on over there automatically. It is a nice little touch that means you can set off and go and make a cuppa. There are a couple of places of note. The Divine Observatory is where you can continue the game’s storyline. The Research Center has a Training Room where you can mess about with skills and classes. It is also where you can change your appearance.

If you decide that walking is, in fact, for the peasants, then you can get a mount. Mounts can be acquired through certain missions or purchased in the market. You can actually have multiple mounts if you like and can swap between them easily through the Mount Menu. They make travelling a little bit faster but a lot more stylish. You are, after all, a god, so style is important.

Stats and Stuff

This is the part of the Skyforge guide where we talk about what makes you stronger. First of all, you gain prestige points instead of experience points. You get these by developing parts of the world like the Tower of Knowledge, as well as getting new gear. As you become stronger the world gets harder, it scales to keeps things interesting, but some missions will also have a recommended level. You can track your overall ability with the Might stat. This is a number generated as a result of your stats, it basically tells you how strong you are and goes hand-in-hand with Prestige for the most part.

Each class has a set of abilities that are unique to it. The more you use a class the more of these will unlock. On top of the activated stuff, there are also Talents, which are your passive abilities that make the character stronger in various ways. All of this comes together to create a character that is yours, that is powerful, and that has the right to call themselves a god. That’s the end of our Skyforge guide. This one anyway.