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A Guide to Aion PVP – Some Tips to Keep You Alive Against Your Fellow Players

While some people like to team up to take down the biggest prey, others prefer to take on each other. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of overcoming another player, so it makes sense to read up on Aion PVP. So welcome one and all to our Aion PVP guide, where we will give you some of the best tips and tricks for surviving in the face of others.

How Do I PVP?

So the first thing you need to know is how to actually take part in PVP. The most important thing is to make sure you’re ready to take part in it. It generally isn’t worth getting involved in until you are at least level 25. In fact, most people wait until they are max level so that they are the best they can be. That way you can never be annoyed that your opponent was a higher level than you. That is entirely down to you, of course, just keep it in mind before jumping into the fray.

Right, so PVP comes in two main flavours really. You have Rifts and The Abyss. They both have their own rewards for getting involved and their own pros and cons, plus they are likely to be more or less enjoyable depending on what you like about PVP.


Rifting is the less intense form of PVP and occurs when a rift opens that connects both worlds to each other. They last 26 minutes, have level requirements, and can only take a certain number of people. They basically dump you or the enemy into your world, and then a fight kicks off. You get punished if you kill low-level players so it is worth picking on people your own size. You get a variety of rewards for taking part in these depending on both your level and your performance. These tend to be weighted in favour of those being invaded, so if you are unsure then stick with your friends in the homeland.

The Abyss

No Aion PVP guide would be complete without staring into The Abyss. You can only enter The Abyss after reaching level 45 and then following either the Testing Your Mettle quest or the Honing Your Skills quest. You can then enter via an Abyss Gate and Abyss Teleporter NPCs. Then things get very real very fast.

While in The Abyss, killing off the opposing side nets you Abyss points which help you rank up. You can also help to take control of The Abyss in Aion PVP by grouping together and capturing outposts and fortresses. You can earn a huge amount of rare loot in The Abyss so it is well worth braving for the rewards.

It isn’t just a PVP area, though, as you will have mobs to deal with as well as other players. It is important to keep that in mind as you put together your group. You really need to be ready to deal with anything the game can throw at you. It is a unique and challenging area, where many players choose to spend their time. So be ready.