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Eve Online Mining Guide – How to Uproot Those in Power and Seize the Means of Production

You’ve fought, you’ve loved, you’ve lost. You are tired, not in an “I need a nap” kind of way, in a “life has been long and hard” kind of way. You just want to sit back, work an easy job, maybe go home to the little space-kids, and eat space-marshmallows roasted on a space-fire. Maybe it is time to get invested in Eve Online mining and start to make an honest living. It isn’t quite the space goldrush but it should be more fun than panning for gold and dying of heat exhaustion. Well, how about you let us help?

The Right Tool for the Job

The first thing you need is one of those Eve Online mining ships. Thankfully, this isn’t actually all that hard to achieve. The easiest ship to get for this job is the Venture, which can be acquired in one of two ways. You can either buy one in the market, or you can complete the beginner missions for one. We recommend finishing the beginner missions as this will give you a good insight as to how to get stuck in properly, and will also save you some money.

Pimp Yo Ride

This is where the Eve Online mining guide really kicks into high gear. The nitty-gritty; the specifics that you’ll need in order to be decked out properly. You’ll need 2 x EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser for High Power. Then Medium Shield Extender 1, ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner, and Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field 1 for Medium Power. Stay with us: Elara Restrained Mining Laser Upgrade for Low Power. You need your Rig Slots to be Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer 1 and 2 Small Core Defense Field Extender 1. Finally, you need 2 Hobgoblin 1 Drones. All of this will give you a really solid mining ship to start off and will let you not only actually do the mining, but also stay alive while doing it. After all, there is no point in mining if you die before you can actually benefit from it.

Where to Go, Though?

To actually start some Eve Online mining you will then need to track down an asteroid belt. There are loads of belts around the universe so you should have no problem actually tracking one down as long as you know where to look. The best thing to do is click on the mining section and then just right-click on a mine; that will let you warp to it. All you need then is to approach a resource-rich asteroid and start mining by clicking on your mining equipment. This will then start you off and you can then start to plan how best to spend all that money you are going to make. What you spend it on largely depends on what you intend to do: If you want to continue this operation then you can upgrade to a more expensive ship or get better gear. Otherwise, it is probably worth investing in another ship that is better suited to other tasks.