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A Warframe Guide for Beginners – It’s Time to Become a Tenno and Fight for Freedom

Warframe is a great game, but it is also an incredibly intimidating experience for beginners. Figuring out exactly what to do when you first jump in is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. What you need is a Warframe guide, or better yet, a Warframe beginner’s guide, one that has all the information you need to start out on your journey as a Tenno. So read on to find out what exactly all the fuss is about, and how to become part of the movement to save the solar system.

Picking a Warframe for Beginners

So you get the whole starter Pokémon thing upon jumping into Warframe. You can choose to play as Excalibur, Volt, or Mag, each of which has their own strengths and weaknesses, plays uniquely, and make for an individual feeling as a result. While Mag is fun, you should go with either Volt or Excalibur. Volt is a good choice if you fancy yourself a bit of a mage as they throw around electric attacks like a Pikachu. Excalibur, on the other hand, is a sword-wielding Warframe that is perfect as an all-rounder. Basically, if you want magic choose Volt, if you want an easy time of things choose Excalibur.

Now What?

You’ll be presented with a map and just a touch too much freedom shortly after this. The best thing to do is to complete areas called Junctions. If you work your way through all of these you’ll unlock various systems, gear, and quests as you do so. These are the best places to start, and will help a lot with the long-term game plan. After these, it’s a good idea to cross off the primary story missions which are The Second Dream, The War Within and The Sacrifice. Again, these help to unlock things as you go and will help you to find your feet as a Warframe beginner.

It does all feel a little bit daunting but if you try to focus on these tasks one by one then it’ll be much more manageable. Eventually, you’ll have a good feel for all of the systems and it’ll all be second nature, but up until that point just work through bits piece by piece and grind out the loot you want.

Loot and Other Drugs

Other than becoming obscenely powerful, the main driving force of Warframe for beginners and veterans alike is loot. There is a lot of loot here, though, from blueprints to mods and beyond, so how do you know what to aim for? The simplest answer is to get as much of everything as you can and just keep it for a rainy day. The more complicated answer is to try and get hold of Extractors as soon as possible. These are passive farming tools that you can make which will help you get the materials you need throughout the game. You can get the blueprints for them in the market terminal in your ship.

It’s worth joining a clan, a big one ideally. It’ll get you some extra loot and rewards as you go, as well as some stuff you can only get by working together with other people. You could join a friend’s clan, or even start your own, but just make sure you are part of one. Feeling like you belong is always nice either way.

Keep an eye out for Vigor, Redirection, Vitality, Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point, and Point Blank mods. These are the mods you need to get the most out of your Warframe, so keep hold of any you happen to get your hands on and try to max them out quickly. They’ll be invaluable and give you the edge you need throughout the game.