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Brawlhalla Weapons – What are they and what do they do?

Brawlhalla has a very colourful cast of characters, and while in other games you just need to pick a character for their own unique moves, Brawlhalla is a little different. Each of the characters has two different Brawlhalla weapons, so knowing which of those weapons will suit you is an integral part of choosing your characters. In order to help you make your choice, here is a breakdown of the Brawlhalla weapons, the Brawlhalla weapon matchups, and everything you need to know to learn what are the Brawlhalla best weapons.

Brawlhalla Weapons

Each match in Brawlhalla will start you off with no weapon. In order to actually get one your deadly tools, you’ll need to pick up a sword of fire when it appears. This will grant you one of the two weapons that that character can use. From then on, each weapon pick up will be the other one of the two, so you can change weapons like this. If you take enough damage, your weapon will be dropped, but you can also throw your weapon if you want to.


The axe is a slow but highly damaging weapon. It’s great for knocking back opponents and generally causing chunks of damage.


The Blasters are dual-wielded pistols that fire a projectile that explodes immediately. They’re effective for quick attacks and have a few tricks to pull off as well.


An acrobatic weapon that fire a short-distance arrow. Has a good mix of knockback attacks and general damage.


A slow but incredibly heavy-hitting weapon. Allows for better aerial movement than you would expect. 


A very fast, very close-range weapon. It favours players who like quick combos and mixups.

Grapple Hammer

Good for brute force attacks but can also be used to throw enemies.


A strange magical weapon that has fast attacks and strange movements. One of the rarer weapons in terms of which characters can use it.


Dual blades with fast attacks that are quite short-ranged. Great for long combos and rush attacks.

Rocket Lance

A strange half-rocket half-lance weapon that uses the engine to power the attacks. Is great for horizontal attacks.


A long weapon with a nasty blade on the end. It allows for Active Input on many of its attacks and is great for combos as a result. 


A fairly balanced weapon with good reach and speed. Some of the attacks have very specific ranges though, so it’s worth knowing the attacks well. 


The happy medium of the Brawlhalla weapons. Good for opening up your opponent and dealing out damage across multiple blows.

Brawlhalla Weapon Matchups

If a weapon is particularly good against a different weapon, then it has a good matchup. Generally speaking: 

  • Scythe does well against Katars and Sword, but it can be beaten by the Lance
  • Cannon does well against Bow and Blasters, it only really struggles with Axes. 
  • Bow does well against Scythe and Blasters, it can struggle against close-range weapons and the Cannon
  • Hammer is okay against most weapons, but really struggler against Blasters
  • Lance Does well against Katars, but is weak to attacks from above 
  • Blasters are great against Hammer and Cannon, but really struggles against Katars and Gauntlets 
  • Axe is slow, but if you learn it well is fine against all weapons 
  • Gauntlets do well against Spear and Blasters, but strugglers against Hammers and Axes. 
  • Sword beats Blasters but does poorly against Spears
  • Spear is great against close-range weapons but struggles against Blasters
  • Katars beats a lot of longer-range weapons, but only if you can get close, it does struggle against Scythe and Lance

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