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A Guide To Paladins Builds – A Few Example Builds To Get You On Your Way

You’ve chosen your hero and you are ready to take the fight to the enemy. Well, now you have to customise your character and figure out exactly how you want to play them. There are countless configurations for each hero, so while a lot of it is just playing around with the Paladins builds, there are a few versions that stand out. We’ve chosen three characters to focus on as examples. You can make a new playstyle if you choose the right thing, so have fun with it as well.

A Paladins Maeve Build

Maeve is a half-tigron thief and knife fighter. She is a brilliant flank champion who has great burst damage and can move incredibly fast. I mean, of course she can, she is part cat. She can double-jump as standard and can even limit her enemies’ vision. So how do you build on this kind of character? Well, like this:

Patch Up 1

Predation 1

Savagery 1

Walk it Off 1

Street Cred 1

The aim of this build is to up her survivability and general speed. It turns you into a flank who is able to recover from anything, and pretty damn quick. Then it’s just a matter of stalking your prey.

A Paladins Viktor Build

Viktor isn’t just good hair and big shoulders. He’s a renowned soldier and also one of the simplest champions to use for classic FPS players. He does good damage as standard but lacks accuracy. He can mess with opponents by changing the timing of his grenades and can dash in and out of the fray. He is a great all-rounder, you can either focus on one aspect of his character, or go for a more liberal spattering of upgrades:

Grenadier Level 2

Second Wind Level 2

Compensator Level 4

Reflexes Level 1

Flak Jacket Level 3

These cards will boost nearly every aspect of Viktor and turn him into an immensely strong everyman. It is better to be a jack-of-all-trades when you have to do a bit of everything and that’s what this build is for.

A Paladins Androxus Build

Androxus is one of the best characters in the game. He looks cool, has an interesting back story, and is also a beast in the field. He naturally has a huge damage output so you can build him in a few different ways. If you wanted to you could lean into damage, focusing entirely on taking your opponent down as fast as possible. While building on his strengths is good, it is often better to try and increase your survivability. So we recommend these cards:

Abyss Walker Level 3

Through the Warp Level 2

Abyssal Touch Level 2

Power of the Abyss Level 3

Sleight of Hand Level 2

This all adds up to an incredibly mobile Paladins build for Androxus and allows him to chase enemies down with dogged enthusiasm. It also allows him to recover some health as he does so. It changes the feel of him completely and turns him into a threat that cannot be escaped.