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Smite Tips and Tricks – Become Godlike with knowledge

Smite can be a tricky beast to tame, with a load of Gods and different modes to get your mind and skills around, you might need some serious Smite pro tips in order to become a true master of the game.

But that’s ok, it’s why you’re here and why we’re here. So sit back, put your feet up, and join Smite University with our Smite Tips and Tricks guide. This guide has everything you need to know how to get better at Smite, as well as some Smite tips for beginners.

Kill Waves in the Early Game

Minions can deal a lot of damage to low level characters, especially at the start of the game, so make sure you’re taking them out as you might just save a team-mate’s lift.

Make Sure you’re Participating

Even if you’re not sure what it is you should be doing, a rule of Smite is that doing something is always better than doing nothing. Even if you’re just killing minions or farming a camp, you’ll be contributing.

Take your time

One of the main reasons an attack falls apart is if you push too early. If your team isn’t ready or you’re underleveled, your attack will break on the walls of the foe. Coordinate with your team, prepare, and then execute.

Keep an eye on the map

It’s important that you’re as aware as possible to what’s going on at any time, so try to glance at the map every so often, as the last thing you want to be is surprised. Speaking of surprises…

Ward, ward, ward.

You can’t know what’s happening unless you can see what’s going on. Wards let you see further than you would be able to normally, so you’ll be aware of what your enemies are up to, where they are, and more. Wards win matches, so get them placed.

Run away if you need to

There’s no shame in running away to fight another day, but when you do make sure that you just run. Don’t look back, remember the tale of Lot and his wife. It slows you down to be moving in one direction whilst looking backwards, so just run as fast as you can and hope they miss.


Smite is a team game, so you’ll need to work with your team, not against them. They don’t exist to help you, you exist to help each other. Communicate with them, let them know what you’re doing, call out enemies, and you’ll have a winning plan together in no time.

Know your relics

Relics provide special powers and can turn the tide of battle. One is available to you at level 1, another at level 12. Know what they do, how to deploy them, and when you should be using them, and you’ll find your power level boosted appropriately.

Now you have some Smite pro tips under your belt you should be ready to head to the battlefield, grab a God, and get smiting. If you need more Smite info and tips, try checking our Smite character guide.