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The Best Smite Gods – Powers, abilities, and more

The pantheon of Smite covers many Gods and heroes from many periods of history. From mighty Thor to the ever-drunk Bacchus, Smite has Gods aplenty.

Like many MOBAs they can be overwhelming to choose from, you could just choose which is your favourite from the pantheon you prefer, but there’s also stats and roles to consider. Here’s our list of the best Smite Gods, the best Smite Characters, their powers, abilities, and why you should pick them. Let’s get showing you what is the Smite best god.


Powered by storms and the wind, Susano is an Assassin that specialises in extreme mobility and crowd control. Armed with aoe abilities like Storm Kata, Wind Siphon, Jet Stream, and Typhoon, Susano is a tricky God to master, but one of Smite’s best.


An Egyptian Assassin, Set deals extremely high damage to single targets. Abilities like Skewer, Spawn of Set, Sandstorm, and Kingslayer mean Set is extremely powerful when taking down solo opponents.


Focusing around high single damage and sustained damage over time, Ravana is a Hindu God that can wear down enemy defences. Their abilities include Prana Onslaught, Overhead Kick, Hand Shadow Fist, and Mystic Rush


Possibly the cutest God in Smite, Ratatoskr makes for an amazing jungler with high mobility. Abilities like Dart, Flurry, Acorn Blast, and Through the Cosmos mean you’ll stay on the move gathering XP throughout each match.


Currently the only Polynesian God in Smite, Pele excels in single target damage. Pyroclast, Eruption, Magma Rush, and Volcanic Lightning will see your enemies become smoking ruins, if Pele can be mastered.

Ne Zha

Allowing you to focus both on single target damage and crowd control, Ne Zha gives you mastery of the battlefield. Their abilities, Universe Ring Toss, Flaming Spear, Armillary Smash, and Wind Fire Wheels will make sure enemies give you a wide berth.


With a high damage output that can be sustained, Kali can take down anyone given enough time. Abilities such as Nimble Strike, Lash, Incense, and Destruction will destroy any foe, if used correctly.


A powerful Guardian that offers an extremely high area damage, Jormungandr is a ranged attacker that takes control over the battlefield. Their abilities, Venomous Haze, Consuming Bellow, Submerge, and The World Serpent all make this one of the most powerful Smite Gods.


A ranged mage with high damage output and mobility, Janus uses abilities like Portal, Unstable Vortex, Threshold, and Through Space and Time to enhance not only their own mobility, but their allies.


Horus is a brutal warrior that can sustain damage over time, has a high defence, and can heal, making Horus one of the most survivable Gods in Smite. Armed with Updraft, Fracture, Protector’s Surge, and To The Skies!, you’ll be living forever if you choose Horus.

He Bo

He Bo is a ranged Mage equipped with Water Cannon, Atlas of the Yellow River, Waterspout, and Crushing Wave. Their water based powers impart high area damage and crowd control, letting you rule your opponents.


Everyone loves dogs, and Fenrir is the dog that’ll end everything. An Assassin that specialises in high mobility and hunting down single foes, you’ll be using Unchained, Seething Howl, Brutalize, and Ragnarok as you pursue your foe.

Erlang Shen

Armed with fast attacks and a high damage output, Erlang Shen is a Warrior that can quickly overwhelm enemies. Their abilities are Spot Weakness, Pin, 72 Transformations, and 9 Turn Blessing.

Da Ji

Focusing around dealing high damage to single targets, Da Ji comes with the Horrible Burns, One Thousand Cuts, Trickster Spirit, and Paolao abilities.


A Warrior with a colossal defence, Bellona shrugs off hits freely. With the Shield Bash, Bludgeon, Scourge, and Eagle’s Rally, Bellona will survive almost anything.


Specialising in taking down single targets with heavy attacks, Bakasura comes to the table ready to eat, with their abilities of Take Down, Eat Minion, Butcher Blades, and Regurgitate.


A magical Guardian armed with a high defence and crowd control abilities, the drunken Bacchus will control the battle with Chug, Belly Flop, Belch of the Gods, and Intoxicate.

Ah Muzen Cab

This Hunter is fast on its feet and fast to attack, so if you favour speed this is your God. Ah Muzen Cab comes with the Hive, Swarm, Honey, and Stinger abilities.


The mythical Achilles has no foot problems in Smite. A Warrior with good mobility and high damage, he comes with the Shield of Achilles, Radiant Glory, Combat Dodge, and Fatal Strike skills.


One of the most powerful Gods in Smite emitting huge area damage blasts, Merlin uses the Eclipse, Radiate, Frostbolt, and Vortex skills to extreme effect on the battlefield.


The Queen of the Valkyries is a Mage that specialises in area damage and crowd control. Their abilities include Northern Lights, Aurora Blade, Banish, and Valkyrie’s Discretion.

Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang is one of the premier Mages in Smite, specialising in high damage on single targets. Their abilities are Water Illusion, Dragon Call, Wild Storm, and King of the Eastern Seas. This makes them one of the Smite’s top Gods.

King Arthur

Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities. With Overhead Slash (Hamstring), Battle Stomp (Uppercut), Twin Cleave (Bladestorm), and Sundering Strike (Excalibur’s Wrath), King Arhur is an asset to any team in Smite.

Now you should have an idea of which are the most powerful and best Smite Gods, and which ones should join your Smite God list when you play. For more helpful Smite info, check our tips and tricks guide next.