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An Overview Of World Of Warships Ships – Which Ship Is The One For You?

Taking to the seas is an almost primal desire that led to much of what we know about modern geography. It is also the entire point of World of Warships, an online game all about blowing other ships up. You take control of a vessel and aim to stay alive—a simple enough task undoubtedly. The biggest question is, which of the World of Warships ships is the one that you will fall in love with? Which class suits the way you want to play the game, and when can you play it?


Cruisers are the first of the World of Warships ships that you’ll get your hands on. They are the most varied class and while they can play many roles, they tend to be best for long-to-medium range. They have good firepower and are useful against aircraft as well as other ships. They are fairly quick, they have good turning circles, and they can dodge both torpedoes and aeroplanes.


World of Warships destroyers are unlocked at tier 2 and are the fastest of the ships. They are good if you like to play a rogue in D&D, but also like the idea of being a ship. They can deploy a smokescreen to obscure both themselves and their teammates. They have great firepower thanks to their torpedoes and also have fast-loading guns. The downside of this is that they can’t take much of a beating. You should get in and then get out as soon as possible with these World of Warships ships.


Battleships are the heavy monstrous machines in this game. They are slow, meandering behemoths that take forever to aim, move, and reload. The upside of this is that they are heavily armoured and inflict massive damage. They hit the hardest out of all of the classes and are a good choice if you like to hit things once and end it. Using a battleship is all about planning ahead. You can’t be a reactive player when you move so slowly, which is why these unlock at tier 3. You really need to understand just how the flow of battle can go, otherwise you will just be target practice.

Aircraft Carriers

If you like to be a little bit different then this is the group of World of Warships ships for you. They don’t take part in the battle in the same way as the other classes, instead, they send out their planes to fight for them. They attack from a long range, as a result and can send out multiple types, such as like bombers and fighters. Your job is to protect your friends from other aeroplanes while also whittling down the enemy battleships from afar. These unique warships unlock at tier 4 and require you to understand the role of every other ship on the battlefield. You play the role of a strategist of sorts so it is very wise to ignore this class until you are used to the rest of the World of Warships ships.