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Brawlhalla Characters – Meet the colourful cast

If you’re looking to get into Brawlhalla but don’t know who to pick, then it’s a good idea to meet the Brawlhalla characters beforehand. Also known as Brawlhalla legends, these are the characters you can choose from when playing the game. There isn’t a single best Brawlhalla legend, but finding one that you like the look and feel of is an important part of the game, as is the case with all fighting games. 

 Brawlhalla Characters

In order to help you, we’ve put together this list of all Brawlhalla characters. We are going to go into each one a little bit, but there are also an awful lot of them, so it’s mostly just how they look and what weapons they use. Without further ado, here is a little bit about every character in Brawlhalla.


Ada uses Blasters and a Spear as her weapons. She’s got good strength and dexterity, but low armour. She used to be a secret operative for a shadowy company but has since escaped. She’s since formed her own post-punk band and guerrilla fighters. Standard stuff.


Artemis is a Scythe and Rocket Launcher wielding speedster. She used to be a normal human but has since accidentally destroyed a star system in order to create her armour. She also really dislikes Orion due to stories she read as a child.


Asuri uses Katars and a Sword. She has a great dexterity stat and pretty good speed too. She’s related to legends from along the Arit river, where a tiger protects all that is good there. She also once broke a dude’s nose for having a laser pointer.


This dead king uses an Axe and a Bow. He has high strength but is a little bit slow as a result. King Azoth the Great was once an emperor who delved into dark magic in the hope that he could save his empire. He takes the occasional break from fighting in the tournaments in order to lay siege to the world of the living.


Barazza uses Blasters and an Axe. He is also something of a tank with high armour but low dexterity and speed. He’s basically a Mad Max character, so expect violence and a will of steel from him.


This Viking uses a Sword and Hammer to take out his enemies. He has very balanced stats and is more or less the face of Brawlhalla. No Brawlhalla characters list would be complete without him. He was also born of a Viking mother and a bear father. Um?


Brynn is a half-Valkyrie and an incredibly powerful one at that. She uses an Axe and Spear in order to take out how competitors, and is fast, but with no real weakness. She used to choose people for the Great Tournament but has decided to compete herself in order to gain a better understanding of humanity.


Caspian is a great thief who uses Gauntlets and Katars in order to do away with his foes. He’s got surprising strength for a thief but lacks armour. He’s actually the prince of Batavia, but his dad was pretty much the worst. Now that he’s in the tournament he’s now causing trouble for the other fighters instead of the mortal world.


A sharpshooter who uses Blasters and a Grapple Hammer, she has excellent dexterity but is a little lacking in both armour and speed. At the age of fifteen, she managed to capture an entire gang, but she didn’t stop there. Her journey for justice has never stopped, so the tournament is just another chance to do the right thing to her.


Hailing from 1950s New York, this mobster wields Blasters and Gauntlets. He also has heaps of strength, but low dexterity. He literally struck a deal with a demon but has decided that being in Valhalla is a good way to avoid paying the price that he owes.


Diana uses a Bow and Blasters to take her enemies out. She has balanced stats, with a slight edge in both dexterity and speed. Diana is a professional monster hunter who ended up stranded between worlds. She’s now trying to take out some of the less savoury combatants.


The bane of the elves uses an Orb and Spear to battle. He has excellent dex but very low armour. He was once an artificer responsible for the golem assault on the elves and was eventually imprisoned for his crimes. He then spent four hundred years crafting and mastering his weapon before making his escape.


Ember is an elf archer who uses Katars and a Bow. She has excellent speed but low armour, though both her strength and dexterity are pretty good as well. She is the only mortal who has ever seen the centre of Fangwild Forest. She misses the forest greatly, and only fights to try and find a way back. 


Fait is a Star Witch who uses an Orb and a Scythe. She has great strength and speed but lacks in dex and armour as a result. She used to be a fortune-teller but transformed herself into a battlemage in order to take down Lord Zothkhan. She’s also a very good time and super positive.


Pretty much the first man in existence, and certainly one of the oldest contestants. He uses a Hammer and Spear to fight and has great speed and strength, but a very low dexterity. He was responsible for helping humanity survive long, long ago, and now fights because it’s all he knows.


Hattori wields a Sword and Spear to fight and has excellent speed. She was once the greatest sword fighter in the land, but it all changed when she fled a demonic presence. A cruel irony has led her to becoming part-demon herself in order to save her sisters, and she now fights to try and stop it overcoming her.


Isaiah uses a Cannon and Blasters in order to fight. He has excellent armour but is slow to balance things out. He’s also a secret agent who has fought off both terrorists and monsters, and he is greatly respected for it. He’s also put together a techno-fantasy euro-pop band in Valhalla.


A powerful warrior who uses an Axe and Sword to fight. She has brilliant strength and dexterity, but low armour. She’s strong because she’s faced hardship, but it never bothers her that much. She’s beaten a pirate queen in a drinking contest, earned the respect of Apollo, and is just enjoying the fun of fighting.


A shinobi who uses a Scythe and Sword to put his foes out of commission. He has high dexterity and speed, but low armour. He’s so good at the whole shinobi thing that he can even use other people’s shadows for his own benefit. He’s mischievous, but also incredibly deadly.


Kaya is a hunter who uses a Bow from afar, and a Spear when up close. She has excellent armour and speed, but lower attack stats. She’s a prodigy has an insatiable thirst for adventure who befriended a mammoth, who she now calls Blue.


This samurai uses both Sword and Bow to fight and has excellent dexterity but low armour. He always wanted to make his own way but ended up protecting his family’s legacy instead. This led him to taking out a corrupt shogun, a demon, and countless guards before going to Valhalla.


A golem who uses Gauntlets and a Hammer to brawl. This creature has exceptional defence and strength but has low speed. It was once a part of a great war against the elves but has since come to rest in Valhalla. It also once beat Thor in a fistfight.

Lin Fei

A martial artist with access to both Katars and a Cannon, Lin Fei has high speed and dexterity. She has spent most of her life seeking out knowledge of martial arts, even becoming a renowned teacher. She’s responsible for teaching many of the Brawlhalla legends their signature techniques, and she should not be underestimated.


This french highwayman uses Katars and Blasters to make short work of those who stand in his way. He was a count in Paris many years ago but moonlighted as the head of a dangerous gang. Nowadays he spends his time trying to gain power in Valhalla by winning in the tournament.


A Scythe and Spear wielding fighter who has fantastic strength but low armour, Mirage is not one to be trifled with. She once found herself travelling through time, she then killed off a mad Pharoah, learned to talk to Merfolk, and even bested a god. She’s a powerful martial artist and is worthy of respect.


A powerful lycanthrope who uses Gauntlets and a Scythe, Mordex relies on his high speed and strength to overcome his low dexterity. He was once a human who sought the powers of the werewolf but is happy to have now assumed that form in death.

Queen Nai

With obscene armour and strength to make up for a lack of speed, this Spear and Katars wielding warrior has no issue standing her ground. She was once the queen of the mighty Jaguar Kingdom, but now happily fights to revive the gods of her people.


Nix is a Scythe and Blaster wielding reaper. She has great armour and speed to make up for her lack of strength. She’s a freelance reaper who collects those that the gods themselves deem to troublesome, and she makes a damn good living doing so. She’s fighting to try and reclaim some of her lost targets because she’s very proud of her work.


Orion uses both a Lance and a Spear to fight and has fairly balanced stats as well. There’s also very little to know about him. He appeared from a comet, nobody knows who he really is, and he’s the only hero that ever leaves Asgard.


This prisoner couldn’t be held at all, and she uses Gauntlets and an Orb to fight. She’s also got obscene strength, which is probably how she escaped Terminous, a universally renowned prison. She’s a bristly and unruly person but is very well-liked nevertheless.


A dragon in humanoid form, Ragnir uses both Katars and an Axe to compete alongside his very balanced stats. He’s normally ninety feet long, but he chooses to shrink down in order to make the fights more fun. He’s trying to bring Ember back to the Fangwild Forest, in the vague hope that they can save it.


Rayman uses Gauntlets and an Axe to fight, has balanced stats, and is Rayman.

Sir Roland

A great knight who uses a Lance and a Sword to compete. He has exceptional Armour but very low speed as a result. He was handpicked by the Valkyries after spending his whole life winning fights, and he couldn’t be happier about the whole thing.


Scarlet uses a Hammer and Lance and backs it up with magnificent strength. She’s also the only female boxing champion of England, and an excellent inventor, having been credited with the first practicable space travel and time travel. She spends most of her time in Valhalla cooking up new weapons.


Sentinel is a Hammer and Katars wielding tank, who lacks in dexterity but has great armour. He’s also a renowned physicist, all-star running back, and a superhero. He eventually managed to become president of America. He now does what he can to right the wrongs in Asgard.


Using a Cannon and a Sword, this pirate queen should be feared. She has great stats with a slightly lower dexterity to make up for the boost in the other three areas. In life, she managed to steal a giant diamond from The Great Kraken. She arrived in Valhalla before the tournament was around, and it was her antics that caused Odin to create it.


This warrior uses both the Hammer and Axe to fight. He has great strength and armour, but low dexterity. He’s also a minotaur now having spent his life fighting against the horrendous things that have followed him around. He has no interest in power or gold, he just likes a good fight. 


A pirate lord who wields a Sword and Blasters, he also has great strength and speed, but very low armour. He literally won his ship from the devil and spent his entire life causing chaos. The afterlife is no different for him, and his only goal is to be a source of mayhem.


Thor wields a Hammer (obviously,) and an Orb. He has high stats overall with a slight deficiency in his dexterity. He wasn’t actually meant to be in the tournament, but he’s Thor, and he got itchy.


Ulgrim uses an Axe, a Lance, and his high speed, strength, and armour to do battle. He’s a master craftsman who has worked for the gods for a long time. He now proves the worth of his work by beating down the other competitors in the tournament with them.


A Gauntlet and Sword-wielding fighter. She has high speed and low strength and is one of the first AI projects to have ever worked. While she initially was just an assassin, she eventually took control of several companies and even opened up a modelling agency. Nowadays she’s just trying to figure out how she ended up in Valhalla. 

Lord Vraxx

Using both Blasters and a Lance, this high dexterity warlord was his own worst enemy in life. While he is very skilled, he is far too arrogant and too keen on gloating and monologuing, which led him to his end eventually. He now spends his time trying to take over Valhalla.

Wu Shang

Wu Shang uses Gauntlets and a Spear to do battle. He has high dexterity but no real weaknesses. He used to be a brilliant general, one eventually gave up his life to become a monk and become a might martial artist. He’s not technically dead, he just became so enlightened that he managed to find Valhalla while projecting himself as a spirit. 


An orc who uses a Cannon and an Axe, he has the highest strength stat of the Brawlhalla characters. Xull isn’t the sharpest tool in any shed, not at all, in fact, if he were a tool, he’d probably find himself at the mercy of a kid pretending to fix things. However, in Valhalla, he spends all of his time trying to be the leader of things because he feels like he should be. 


Yumiko uses both a Bow and a Hammer to do battle. She has good dexterity and speed, and is an old fox spirit in disguise. She has spent her life quietly protecting the village of Aoku before eventually going to war in order to save it. She now happily fights in the tournament and waits for the next great deed to perform. 


The final character in our list of Brawlhalla characters, Zariel uses Gauntlets and a Bow to fight. They have good strength and armour, and are on a mission from god. They’re a celestial being one whom is far above petty things like male or female, or mortal or angel. While initially only taking part in the tournament to judge the combatants, they’re slowly starting to find some joy in it. 

Now you’ve got an overview of each character, you might want to know who’s best. Why not check out our Brawlhalla Tier List.