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A Guide to the Soul Worker Characters – Who Should You Play in This Anime MMORPG?

Jumping into this Anime MMORPG is a great idea. It’s a lot of fun to play, and messing about with friends is a blast. The only trouble is getting started: Which of the Soul Worker characters should you choose to play as? The characters also function as the Soul Worker classes. Each of them both looks and plays differently, and ultimately will dictate how you approach the game. So, read on for our guide to Soul Worker character creation.  

Haru Estia

Haru Estia is your standard jack-of-all-trades fighter. She wields a giant sword, has a caring personality, and a tragic back story. She’s a great character to choose if you want to get to grips with the game itself, or if you just want to swing a big old blade around. She has a good base HP, good burst damage and strong area of effect attacks. The only real downside is that she doesn’t really stand out in any category as she is the vanilla of the Soul Worker classes.

Erwin Arclight

Erwin Arclight is your classic long range damage dealer. He’s also a boy genius who entered the world of the void out of boredom and to escape the mundane existence he was living. He has a great evasion stat, the longest range on his skills and can buff his allies’ move speed. The downside is that you need to practice in order to use him well. He is a good choice if you like the range, as he is the sniper of the Soul Worker characters.

Lily Bloomerchen

Lily Bloomerchen is a scythe-wielding critical hit machine. She comes from a rich family but got dragged into the void after her brother died. She has brilliant critical hit damage and critical hit rate and can even raise the critical hit rate of her comrades. She is, however, very dependent on the Soul Gauge and will become significantly less effective if you can’t manage it well. She is a good Soul Worker character for those who like to try and finish a fight in one hit.  

Stella Unibell

Stella Unibell is a little bit naive but has also had it pretty rough. She funnels all of this into her guitar in order to wield music as a weapon. It turns out that music is pretty good for crowd control, which makes Stella fantastic when up against swathes of enemies. She’s also got fantastic reserves which allow her to use special attacks a lot more than most of the other Soul Worker classes. The downside is that she can be a little tricky to use, but with practice, you’ll become a monster.

Jin Seipatsu

Jin Seipatsu is a do-gooder, a justice nut—a quintessential hero type. He was volunteering to help those who had been taking shelter from the Void when he took it upon himself to charge in. Jin wields knuckles as weapons and is a close-quarters fighter. He has the best HP of the Soul Worker characters and can give invulnerability to nearby allies. He does need to charge many of his abilities though so he sometimes leaves himself open as a result.

Iris Yuma

Iris Yuma is a girl who uses her anger to fuel her attacks. She was born to follow a path set by her parents, but never did like following the rules. Now that she is in the Void she uses the Artillery-Bombardment Hammer to unleash hell on her foes. She doles out huge amounts of damage to groups of enemies. The drawback of this is that she is the glass cannon of the Soul Worker classes. She is slow and fragile, but that shouldn’t stop you if you’ve got a team supporting you.