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A Warframe Tier List – Find Out Which Warframe Is the Best

Being a kid in a candy store is great—sweets everywhere, what more could you want? The trouble is that as you get older you become overwhelmed by all of that choice. It’s like staring at your Steam library: what game do you start next? Well, instead of starting a new game, why not just keep playing Warframe, you only need to pick a new Warframe and you’re good to go…

It turns out that this is a pretty overwhelming choice as well. Thankfully for you, we have a Warframe tier list to help you sort the best from the rest—the Warframes from the Wardrains. Probably best to leave the bad jokes there for this one, on we go.

Tier 1

Nova: Nova kicks off our Warframe tier list and has an ultimate that makes anything affected by it take more damage and slow down. Anything that is taken out while this is in effect will explode and usually cause a chain reaction. On top of this, Nova can make portals and cause big damage over a wide area. The only drawback of Nova is that they’re pretty flimsy.

Octavia: You’d never expect one of the strongest Warframes in the game to be music based, but hey, here we are. They can summon an orb that effectively spits damage back at enemies that are forced to shoot it. Their ultimate allows them to become stronger based on noise too, which makes for some incredible damage output. They’re pretty hard to use though, so you’ll need to practice.

Rhino: There is a reason that Rhino is a great choice for new players: it is a true beast of a Warframe and is one of the most resilient in game. They can take an obscene amount of damage and only get better at doing so as they level up. The only real downside is that they aren’t a very flashy Warframe. This is not really an issue for many, hence being so high up in this Warframe tier list.

Trinity: Not a character from the Matrix but a brilliant support Warframe that can keep all the people alive. Trinity is the best support Warframe in the game and can heal, redirect damage, and even replenish energy. The only downside is low armour, which you can offset by using their abilities well.

Mesa: Mesa is a damage-dealing machine. The ultimate auto-targets every enemy in their line of sight and doles out huge damage to all of them. They can also reflect a lot of damage which offsets any weakness in their armour.

Ivara: While Ivara doesn’t stand out in one specific area, they are one of the most versatile Warframes and deserve a high rank in this Warframe tier list. Wielding a powerful bow, and with the ability to turn invisible, the place they are most at home is on stealth missions.

Inaros: Inaros is a brilliant tank that can heal itself, resurrect itself, and has a few tricks that lead to some incredible damage too. Its ultimate allows it to buff their defence, then wipe out armies of enemies and drain their health. The only downside is that the abilities take some getting used to.

Chroma: Chroma is a weird one, but a great choice. Each of their abilities is based on the colour you choose for them before missions. So you can be whatever you want to be, though no matter what, they stand out as a tank. The nuance means they can be a little complex.

Tier 2

Ash: Ash isn’t a complicated Warframe, but it is very good at killing things. Its ultimate will automatically slaughter everything it touches while you can do whatever you want. The only downside is a dull stealth ability.

Banshee: Banshee is all about being loud. You can mark weak points, stun enemies, and unleash a giant AoE attack. Unfortunately, they’re also incredibly easy to kill.

Equinox: Equinox is a cool one, it can switch between two separate stances, which allow for differing buffs and abilities, and so make for an incredibly versatile Warframe. The downside is when modding it is hard to cover both sides.

Excalibur: This sword boi is popular because he’s great to use as a starter Warframe, but also becomes incredibly powerful late game. This one has a huge downside though: unless you are a founding player you can’t gain access to the Prime version.

Harrow: Harrow is a really good support class that can also strike out on its own. All of its abilities are based around draining your opponents and boosting yourself. There’s no real weakness to the class outside of the very optimal way of playing it.

Hydroid: Hydroid is here to take care of the groups. It can become a body of water in order to trap and damage enemies before unleashing hell. The best version utilises the Pilfering Swarm mod to boost drop rates but is a pain to get hold of.

Loki: Who doesn’t want to play as Tom Hiddleston? Loki is a master stealth Warframe, and the best one on this Warframe tier list. It is all about being tricky to pin down, and messing with your enemies. Just be aware that the ultimate isn’t always useful against certain enemies.

Nidus: Nidus is a tanky Warframe that gets stronger and stronger the longer the fight goes on. The trouble is that until you’ve built up momentum it isn’t as stellar as you would like. Worth it for long missions.

Valkyr: Valkyr is an incredible melee monster that shreds enemies completely. It even has some great buffs and debuffs to boot. The downside is it uses a lot of energy to accomplish all of this so you’ll need to learn to time things well.

Tier 1 Medium

Frost: Frost is good at defending an area but not a huge amount else. That’s kind of it. Hitting the lull in this Warframe tier list.

Gara: Gara is an odd one. It’s good at confusing enemies and holding down areas, but needs a lot of time to get used to.

Khora: Khora has a very good pet that can be a little dense at times. It is good for damage and healing, but not great.

Mag: Mag is a good little support class that can group enemies together and bolster allies. It doesn’t deal out a tremendous amount of damage, though.

Mirage: Mirage is good for avoiding attacks generally. Most of its abilities rely on things that you have no control over, which makes for times when it is rubbish, and other times when it is great.

Oberon: Oberon is an acceptable support Warframe. It has a good mix of damage dealing and healing but there are stronger choices in both areas.

Saryn: Here is a decent killer with some good AoE attacks. It can do damage as a percentage of health which makes it good in some late game fights. The combos just take a while to get going.

Vauban: Vauban is a very simple defence class. That’s about it.

Volt: Volt is a fun character class as a support to others. It can buff its team’s attacks as well as being able to get around very quickly. The damage buff is a little hard to use though.

Zephyr: Zephyr is fantastic at staying airborne and looking cool. When it comes down to it though, the abilities are all a little harder to use than is ideal.

Tier 1

Atlas: Atlas does some cool stone-based things but has mostly useless skills.

Ember: Ember is a very basic damage dealer, not bad for crowd control, but not good enough.

Nezha: Nezha is a faster but weaker Rhino. Unfortunately, you need that resilience to compete.

Nyx: Nyx is an okay crowd-control Warframe. It just needs a bit more to be worth considering.

Titania: This character is a mess…

Wukong: He has a cool staff but isn’t very good otherwise.

Tier ???

Nekros: Nekros is a very dull class for everything except grinding for loot, and so occupies this weird place in our Warframe tier list. So it is bad unless you need loot, which you will. So it is good?