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Ring of Elysium Tips and Tricks – Get the most from each drop

Ring of Elysium sees you fighting for survival against an environmental apocalypse. You and fifty-nine other players race against impending doom, and each other, for a chance to escape.

When your life is on the line, it’s best to go prepared. Here’s our top Ring of Elysium tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of every game of Ring of Elysium.

Watch the drops

When you choose where to spawn in Ring of Elysium, you can also see where your opponents are spawning too. If you want immediate action you can follow them down, or you can choose somewhere a bit more isolated if you want time to loot. The information is yours to choose.

Learn the Ring of Elysium controls

It’s vital that you get to grips with the controls in Ring of Elysium, as there’s a couple of options you may not be familiar with compared to other battle royale games. By default you can toggle between different firing modes with B, and different scopes with V. This lets you customise your loadout a little on the fly, and can be essential for an effective takedown.

Learn the weapons

Each weapon has an ideal range and the bullets will drop off differently depending on what weapon you’re using. Take your time, learn the weapons, and learn the drop off rates. If you’re planning on sniping from a distance you’ll definitely need to know how long your bullet will take to hit, and what angle you’ll need to aim at. We’ve got a guide here that should have everything you need to know.

Traversal equipment

On the newer map, Europa, you have a bevy of transportation options available to you that you can whip out at almost any time. These are the hang-glider, BMX, and grappling hook. Learn which one you prefer and the pluses and downsides to each. For example the hang-glider allows you to soar above the action, but makes you an easy target for any watching snipers.

Know the map

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or a returning player, you’ll need to know where everything is on the islands of Europa. Familiarising yourself with the key locations across the islands means you’ll have a better command of the battlefield. You can check more about the map in our guide.

Be wary of vehicles

Vehicles in Ring of Elysium are often essential to get about, but they will draw attention. Their loud engines will call attention to you extremely quickly, meaning you’ll most likely be under fire within seconds. When this does happen, be warned, as most vehicles are lightly armoured and your life may be the price you pay for speed.

Escape while healing

All healing items can be used while you’re moving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bandage, first aid kit, or a med kit, you can apply them on the move. That means when you need to run and heal, you can do both at once. Get going, and get healthier.

Ping locations

By default, Q allows you to drop a marker to the rest of your team. If you need to highlight an object or a building, you can just press Q to quickly ping a location and alert the rest of your squad. Whilst we would also recommend using voice comms where possible, this quick shortcut can take some of the guesswork out of communications.

Watch the map

When the ash has taken over the map and there’s only one final location left, all remaining players will be highlighted on the map. This means the end of the match won’t come down to cowering in bathrooms hoping to avoid sight as you’ll know exactly where everyone is, and they’ll know where you are. Check the map regularly, especially at the end of a match, to maximise your chances of getting the drop on your opponents.

Get ready for airdrop fights

The best weapons in the game will be found on airdrops, so if you need a specific machine gun or assault rifle, an airdrop will be your best chance of getting them. But, be careful. Everyone will be alerted to an airdrop’s location, so chances are you’ll have a fight on your hands when you do get there. Tool up, get ready, and take them down.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you get ready for your first Ring of Elysium match, or just will help you tighten up your game. You can always check out our other guides, such as how to play Ring of Elysium, right over here.