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Ring of Elysium Europa Map Guide – Land with confidence

It doesn’t matter if you’re dropping into Ring of Elysium for the first time or the thousandth, with new seasons bringing new maps there’s always more to learn. Ring of Elysium Europa is this season’s new map, filled with loot, lush tropical scenery, and opportunities to get the drop on your opponent. Here’s all the best places to start your journey on the Ring of Elysium map.

Fisherman Town

A coastal town split across the two main islands, linked by a bridge, Fisherman Town is a hefty suburban sprawl. What that means for you, as a Ring of Elysium player, is that it’s one of the best places to find loot on the entire Europa map.

The Eastern side of the massive bridge contains the largest amount of buildings. Each one might have multiple floors, meaning if you get there first you’ll have your pick of the loot. Even if others spawn there too, there’s so much to loot that you’ll often still walk away with a weapon of choice.

Sarpedon Island

Sarpedon Island is the loneliest place on Ring of Elysium’s new map. Alone in the South Western corner with no links to the other islands, if you drop there be prepared to beat a hasty path further inwards when the ash shows up.

The benefit to Sarpedon Island and one of the reasons it’s a great place to start on Europa is its isolation. Simply by being so close to the edge of the map means if you drop there your loot hunt will be uncontested. Grabbing a speedboat will mean that your egress from the island can be put off as long as possible, letting you loot freely.

Galileo Harbor

With one huge freighter encompassing most of the waterfront that’s absolutely filled to the brim with loot, Galileo Harbor makes for a no-brainer of a starting location. In addition to the freighter, multiple warehouses and shipping containers dot the surroundings, each with their own chance to contain that weapon you’ve been looking for.

Be warned, however, that if you choose a square to drop on that’s only half on the boat, you’ll actually spawn in the water. In addition, vehicle spawns are rare in this area, so be prepared to make a hasty retreat once you sight the ash.

Ocean Park

The counterpart to Sarpedon Island is Ocean Park. Located at the Northern edge of Europa’s secondary island, it’s a remote Theme Park that houses a vast array of loot. Isolated from the rest of the map, you’ll have to do some travelling once you spawn there, but there’s a large amount of vehicles present to expedite your egress.

This is the primary benefit of Ocean Park, whilst there’s loot there, you’re almost guaranteed a vehicle. This enhances your mobility and allows you greater control over the battlefield.

Angeltown/St. Gabriel Cathedral

Probably the standout place to start on the entirety of Ring of Elysium’s Europa map is Angeltown, with a particular focus on the St. Gabriel Cathedral. The town itself has multiple buildings crammed with loot, whilst the St. Gabriel Cathedral is one of the most loot-heavy places on the new map.

With the cathedral being one of the most obvious landmarks across Europa, it can draw heavy action so be aware that you may not be alone. Angeltown itself has many corners and buildings that block line of sight, so make sure you’re packing a gun and ready for action at any time.

Now you’ve read where to start, you’re ready to take on everything the Ring of Elysium new map has to throw at you. Europa awaits, so why not drop everything and give it a go right now, or check out the best tips and tricks to help you perfect your game.