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Ring of Elysium vs PUBG – How does it hold up?

Ring of Elysium is one of the newer Battle Royale games released, changing up the formula laid out by its predecessors like PUBG. The question is, how does it compare, and what differences might the PUBG veteran expect to see when loading Ring of Elysium up? Here’s everything you need to know about Ring of Elysium vs PUBG.


PUBG’s main means of getting about lie at the end of your legs, whilst transportation does exist it tends to be a risk to use. Loud noises and the potential loss of life caused by poor driving make getting a vehicle a risky proposition.

In Ring of Elysium you’ll find many of the same issues affecting transportation, however, you do have access to other modes of transport. In the current map, Europa, ROE players can use grappling hooks, BMX, or hang-gliders to get about. Each do have their own risks, much like getting in a car or a boat, but their ease of use and ever-presence makes transportation in Ring of Elysium a doddle.


In PUBG, as in many Battle Royale games, the player starts each match flying above the map ready to drop, choosing the locations by parachuting or gliding down.

Ring of Elysium allows more precision in choosing a starting location. Not only can the player click anywhere to start their journey on the current map, Europa, but they can also see where the other players are starting. This means you can make informed decisions about where the match starts, and choose the precise location you want to start.

The Weather

In addition to dynamic weather and day and night cycles in Ring of Elysium, the weather itself is the main enemy. Instead of a ring that slowly contracts eliminating areas from play, like in PUBG or other Battle Royale games, Ring of Elysium currently has the ash.

A volcanic eruption has thrown a huge amount of ash into the air, causing areas to become unlivable. These don’t happen in a ring but rather area-by-area, visible on the map. This still causes each match to have an ever-shrinking play area, but one that’s not so predictable as in other Battle Royale games.

The Maps

PUBG currently has four maps to choose from, Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. Each of these is themed around a different area of the world, and has different layouts, towns, and chokepoints for gameplay to revolve around.

Ring of Elysium has only one map at the moment, however, it changes dependent on the season. Previously, the map was a snowy themed Winter Wonderland, whereas the current map, Europa, is a tropical chain of islands. This isn’t just cosmetic, the weather effects differ between maps, and the traversal options are also different.

Starting Out

When you first load up PUBG, you’ll probably be jumping straight into your first match against real humans. Whilst the immersion method might be welcome for some, it can be overwhelming for others.

ROE sees you start much the same, however, the first few matches you play will be populated with bots. This lets you have an easier on-roading experience where you’re not directly playing against other humans. After a few matches, you’ll find the amount of bots decreases until you’re playing solely against other players.

Hopefully this has helped you make your mind up about Battle Royale games, if you want to check out Ring of Elysium you can learn how here in our guide.