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A Guide to Paladins’ Best Champions – Find Out Which Ones Sit at the Top and Why

Wow, that’s a lot of heroes. Who on earth is the best? If I wanted to know where I could find out Paladins’ best champions where could I go? Here, here is a very good place to find out that exact information. While the tier list changes with the meta, these are the heroes who consistently rise to the top thanks to their amazing abilities and usefulness. So without any further ado, these are Paladins’ best champions.


Androxus used to be a noble lawman of the Outer Tribunal circuit judges. He was relentless in his pursuit of any threats, and a man of unparalleled strength. Unfortunately, he got cursed and is now hungry all the time—for souls. He is a brilliant flank champion who does absurd damage thanks to his revolver. He can skip around with Nether Step and close gaps incredibly quickly, or just escape. His ultimate, Accursed Arm, lets him trash an enemy team in no time. He has always been one of Paladins’ best champions for a reason.


Cassie has always wanted to journey around the world and fight against the magistrate. She was bound to her family’s homeland because of a curse though. When an Oracle offered a way out she leapt at it and joined the resistance. Cassie is a brilliant damage dealer and has both high damage and fantastic mobility. She can deal damage out to one target, a group, or she can simply escape if things get too sticky. She’s a great choice and has a cool bird too.


Dredge used to be an admiral and a fearsome pirate. Unfortunately, he had eyes bigger than his luck: he stole a relic which destroyed his ship and sunk him to the bottom of the ocean. The Abyss decided to get involved and now he is undead. Dredge is another strong damage dealer and can shut down any who come at him. He can summon some creepy tentacles to tear through the fabric of reality and inflict huge damage. Slimy but cool.


Drogoz is a wingless wyrin who used to play second fiddle to a vicious dragon. He escaped servitude using a pair of mechanical wings and then went on his own greed-fuelled spree across the lands. In a fight, Drogoz has exceptionally high mobility that allows him to both fly and hover. He uses a rocket launcher to inflict huge damage and can bombard enemies with Salvo. He can even one-shot an enemy by punching them.


Makoa used to protect his island home but has been summoned to wage war against the Magistrate. He hopes to return to his own peaceful island one day and just hopes the volcanoes haven’t wiped it out while he’s been busy. Makoa is a front line champion who is magnificent at soaking up damage and defending other players. His ultimate deals out damage and also increases his maximum health by a substantial amount. He is a brilliant tank and one of Paladins’ best champions because of that.