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A Guide To Guild Wars 2 Builds – Suggestions For Planning Your Character Builds

Sometimes you want to know how to put together a character ahead of time. Experimentation is great, but it isn’t always an option if you are low on time. It is times like these where some kind of guide to follow really helps. Knowing exactly what you’re aiming for—and why—can set you up and make you feel all warm and cosy. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this little guide to Guild Wars 2 builds. Here are just a few examples of the kind of thing you can aim for.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Build

The Necromancer is a favourite for plenty of good reasons. Hopefully, all of them pure and honest. A good build for PvP involves taking them down the Scourge route, leaning into the support aspect, and self-healing. For this you will want the following skills:

Skill Bar: Manifest Sand Shade, Nefarious Favor, Sand Cascade, Garish Pillar and Desert Shroud.

Torch or Scepter: Blood Curse, Feast of Corruption, Grasping Dead, Harrowing Wave and Oppressive Collapse.

Healing: Sand Flare.

Utility: Corrupt Boon, Spectral Armor and Spectral Walk.

Elite: Ghastly Breach.

Staff: Necrotic Grasp, Mark of Blood, Chillblains, Putrid Mark and Reaper’s Mark.

Your aim with this build is to support your team by removing boons from the opposing team. You should generally stay out of 1v1 fights for this one. It is one of the best Guild Wars 2 Necromancer builds around.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build

The Warrior is one of the most fun classes to play if you like to dish out damage on steaming hot plates. This is a build designed to both lock opponents down and also kill them very quickly. It takes some getting used to but is great for bosses. Here are the skills you want:

Skill Bar: Scorched Earth and Combustive Shot.

Longbow: Dual Shot, Fan of Fire, Arcing Arrow, Smoldering Arrow and Pin Down.

Healing: Blood Reckoning.

Utility: Shattering Blow, Signet of Might and Signet of Fury.

Elite: Head Butt.

Sword or Torch: Sever Artery, Savage Leap, Final Thrust, Blaze Breaker and Flames of War.

You should generally aim to cycle through your abilities and swap weapons frequently to inflict as much damage as possible. It will take some getting used to, but the practice is worth it.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Build

The Guardian is a wonderfully flexible class that becomes one of the most bombastic classes in the game: the Firebrand. This is a build designed for running around the world and inflicting huge damage with AoE fire attacks. Here is how to set it up:

Skill Bar:Tome of Justice, Tome of Resolve and Tome of Courage.

Axe or Torch: Core Cleave, Symbol of Vengeance, Blazing Edge, Zealot’s Flame and Cleansing Flame.

Healing: Mantra of Solace.

Utility: Mantra of Flame, Sword of Justice and Signet of Wrath.

Elite: Mantra of Liberation.

Scepter or Focus: Orb of Wrath, Symbol of Punishment, Chains of Light, Ray of Judgement and Shield of Wrath.

You basically want to keep using Tome of Justice as it resets whenever you kill an enemy due to Renewed Justice. Go now, have fun, little pyromaniac (only in games).

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build

Who doesn’t want to turn into an animal and just nap—wait, we mean take down lots of baddies. This is a Soulbeast build designed just for that. Here is how to build it:

Skill Bar: Juvenile Rock Beast; Head Toss, Kick, Charge and Worldly Impact. Juvenile Electric Wyvern: Lightning Assault, Tail Lash, Wing Buffet, and Prelude Lash. Also, have Beastmode.

Greatsword: Slash, Maul, Swoop, Counterattack and Hilt Bash.

Healing: Bear Stance.

Utility: Signet of the Wild, “Sic ‘Em!”, and Vulture Stance.

Elite: One Wolf Pack.

Sword or Axe: Slash, Hornet Sting, Serpent’s Strike, Path of Scars, and Whirling Defense.

You should basically use your high burst damage abilities as often as you can. Also, keep your damage buffs on as much as you can, and you’ll be crushing everything.