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The Tera Online Endgame – What Are Tera Dungeons, and What to Do Next

You’ve peaked, you are truly a mighty force, one to fear and love. What on Earth do you do now that you’ve hit the top? With no more levels to grind you may find yourself feeling empty and a little lost. Well, with plenty of Tera dungeons, daily quests and other little bits and bobs to take care of, you should be able to keep enjoying this wonderful free-to-play MMORPG. You just need to learn about the Tera online endgame. There are a few points to note about the endgame. You should join up with other like-minded adventurers, you’re going to need to master both PvE and PvP, and you’re going to have to do some grinding.

The Crusades

One of the more unique endgame features of Tera online is The Crusades, where each guild attempts to make it through a PvP or PvE league and get to the top. You earn points based on battlegrounds, arenas, 30v30 guild battles, and dungeons. Once it is all over, the winners receive a huge amount of loot and can basically then retire, or you can keep digging into the Tera dungeons if you prefer.

Tera Dungeons

So it turns out that there are no Tera raids as such. Instead, there are some five-person dungeons for you to take part in. These form the bulk of the Tera online endgame and are PvE-focused challenges full of bosses. The mechanics are a lot more interesting in the late game ones than earlier on, making for a much better time for players who have committed so much of their time to the game. These are very much designed with teamwork in mind, so make sure you have a group you play with regularly to get the most out of it. The point of all of them is to get loot; your main focus will be to keep grinding them until you have the best possible items for your class in each slot. Naturally, this is only a little to do with your ability and is much more reliant on RNG.

Called Out

Probably the thing that keeps most players going is the PvP. Due to the increased focus on alliances, the PvP becomes increasingly useful once you hit the Tera online endgame. You can still get loot drops from it and it also plays a large part in gaining access to the PvE content of Alliance Vaults. These are all based on the progress of your alliance. This does mean that if you haven’t already, you should join up with other players, otherwise, you really aren’t going to enjoy the endgame at all. Make the most of playing with friends, making new friends, and then deciding someone else is your enemy. Plus, this is the most skill-intensive activity as it is the one with human interaction, the most dangerous game of all.