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A Soul Worker Guide for Beginners – Where to Start, and Some Beginner Tips

Soul Worker is an expansive and stylish anime MMORPG. Of course, this means that taking your first steps into the world is intimidating and a little bit overwhelming, so we’ve put together this little Soul Worker beginner guide for you to help you find your way. There is a fair bit to go over but bear with us, it’ll be worth it when you unleash anime chaos with your friends.  

Who to Be?

There are six characters in Soul Worker, these are your classes basically. While we do have a more in-depth guide the short version is this: Haru Estia is a sword-wielder who has balanced stats. Erwin Arclight has the best range and is good at quick kills. Lily Bloomerchen is a scythe-wielder who is good for AOE attacks but needs to dodge a lot. Stella Unibell uses a guitar and hits many enemies but not very hard. Iris Yuma is a tank who uses a beastly hammer. Finally, Jin Seipatsu is a close quarters fighter who is good at hitting things very quickly and a lot.


Perhaps the most important system to keep in mind is the Energy system. If you’ve played a mobile game then you’ll be familiar with this. Basically, everything you do requires energy, which slowly depletes over time, or you can use items to top it back up. You can find or buy these items but the best bet is to just plan your adventure. Taking breaks is good anyway, right?


Crafting is a huge part of most MMORPGs so it is worth knowing what is going on. To start crafting you have to find an NPC called Jenna, she is in every city so it’s not too hard to do. You’re then presented with a few options based on items classes and you can choose from there. Each item has its own material requirement and you can see these by selecting what you want to create. Keep in mind that most of the time you can get items through loot drops as well. So if crafting seems like a bit of a waste then you can pass on it.

It’s Fashion, Darling!

One thing you should keep on top of is the brooch system, which is why this little bit is a Soul Worker brooch guide. These are equippable items which boost various stats, but that’s not all. You can equip these and other items either in a slot where you get the stats or just as a show item. So if you like a piece of gear but not what it does, you can still look good.

Brooches themselves come in three flavours, attack, defence, and utility. They also have five rarities; BIT (green), KIRO (blue), MEGA (yellow), GIGA (red), and TERA (purple). You can fuse five brooches together to get a better one so it’s worth keeping hold of even the lower level items for future use. An Inferior Brooch Fuser can fuse BIT and KILO items, a normal Brooch Fuser can cover everything. Every time you use a fuser it will break, so make sure you have backups if you are doing lots of fusions.

Ultimate Power

Aside from all of this, the most important thing is being happy to grind. The best way to do this is to join a guild or play with friends. There is no getting away from the fact that you’ll need to kill a whole army of monsters to get to max level though. Quests are great for experience boosts too, so just play the game and have fun.