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A Paladins Tier List – Finding The Right Hero For You

Diving into Paladins instantly presents you with a huge amount of choice when it comes to who to play. Figuring out who to invest your time in can be stressful; the last thing you want to do is get attached to someone who doesn’t have the strength to keep up with the rest of the pack. You want a true hero, one who can stand up against anyone who stares them down. Here is a Paladins tier list so you can sort the heroes from the zeros.

Tier 1

Androxus: Androxus tops the Paladins tier list most of the time due to his ability to be an excellent flank. He has fantastic mobility and great damage output. It’s everything you could want. He’s also been possibly the most consistent character and is a very safe choice even when you aren’t sure of the meta.

Cassie: Cassie has always been pretty good too. She has fantastic DPS and is great for finding enemies and letting your team know—an excellent character for nearly everything. This is a great choice if you like to lead the charge instead of hanging back.

Dredge: Dredge deals out splash damage with his basic attacks, and his abilities reflect this. He has brilliant zone control and can inflict incredible damage. Dredge is a brilliant example of a crowd control character, if you can play alongside someone who can round the enemy team up then you’ll be laughing.

Drogoz: Drogoz is one of the best-ranged classes and deals out massive damage. He can also escape trouble well thanks to his vertical mobility. He’s a little dragon who escaped a big dragon using mechanical wings.

Tier 2

Bomb King: If you like blowing stuff up and scaring people away then meet Bomb King. He’s great for zoning and clearing a point. He is a good choice if you feel like you need to control the flow of the battle and herd enemies into an area.

Furia: Furia is a very good support as she can heal so well. She can also stun with Pyre Strike and boost her team’s damage output. If you are worried about your aim then this is a great choice to guarantee you can still contribute to the team.

Inara: Inara is a strong zoner and her ultimate stuns, bypasses shields, and deals out damage. She is a powerful hero in the right hands. The most important thing to remember is that she needs to be backed up to be brilliant.

Khan: Khan is the first Tank on our Paladins tier list. He can take an absurd amount of damage and can reinforce his friends too. He’s a huge threat as long as he is with a DPS character, so find a friend and drag them into the fray.

Koga: Koga is a great damage dealer and is also good at avoiding damage, thanks to his abilities. If you like the idea of taking enemies out from the shadows then this is the choice for you. This is one ninja you should fear.

Lian: Lian is a flexible character who excels at medium range. She has a few good AoE attacks for clearing a room or weakening enemies who have huddled up. As long as you can get some enemies together then you can wreak havoc.

Makoa: Makoa is a brilliantly consistent pick. He can isolate targets and protect friends. In a closed space he can deal out monstrous damage. He makes a good pairing with a squisher character due to his abilities.

Strix: Strix is a strong character as long as you have a good aim. He can also escape thanks to his stealth ability if he gets cornered. Just keep an eye on your surroundings.

Willo: Willo goes up and down a lot but is in a good position at the moment thanks to good AoE and high splash damage. Throw in the healing reduction and you have a very strong hero.

Tier 3

Buck: Buck is a strong flank that deals out good close range damage. He has good survivability and mobility, too, so is a strong and balanced choice.

Evie: Another good flank in this Paladins tier list. Good for AOE, staying alive, and moving away.

Fernando: Fernando has some interesting damage-over-time effects and can take people down after they’ve run off as a result. He also has a nice wide shield to defend with.

Kinessa: Kinessa needs good sightlines and can recover when flanked. Her Oppressor Mine is a little weak but she can inflict huge damage with Sniper Mode.

Lex: Lex is a balanced damage dealer. He can focus on one target with his magnums or clear a room with The Law.

Mal’damba: This is a character that can stun and shut down a flank. He is also great at punishing tight-knit enemies with Dread Serpent.

Seris: Seris is similar to Mal’damba but can also heal. She has great survivability but not quite as much damage.

Sha Lin: Sha Lin has fantastic damage potential, stealth, and very fast attacks. He can gut a group of enemies if you don’t watch out for him.

Talus: Talus is good for hit-and-run tactics. You’ll need to predict enemy movement well to use his skills to their fullest potential though.

Torvald: Tovald can silence enemies with Nullify and is pretty good at range too. He doesn’t have enough speed to push forward on his own but is good as part of a unit.

Tyra: Tyra can punish healers by limiting their abilities. She has a surprising range and can really mess up anyone who underestimates her.

Viktor: Viktor is a perfect jack-of-all-trades vanilla character—a very good choice for anyone learning the game.

Ying: Ying can be fantastic in the right hands, but is tricky to get used to. She is a good healer but isn’t the best around.

Zhin: Zhin is a tricky flank to play. He has some good mobility options as well as some good AoE attacks.

Tier 4

Ash: Ash has a very limited range and is easily punishable. Not a bad character as such, they just don’t stack up to the others well.

Barik: Barik has some fairly weak abilities and isn’t mobile enough to make a big difference to a match.

Jenos: Jenos is good for wiping out an unsuspecting team with his ultimate but lacks in other areas.

Maeve: Maeve used to be a powerhouse but has been reduced to a tier 4 hero thanks to patches and other heroes. Just choose Koga.

Pip: With a rather disappointing heal, Pip just can’t compete with the better healers on the list.

Terminus: Terminus lacks the power needed to be on the front line but has nothing necessary for any other role either.

Vivian: She is slowed while firing which is a huge issue. Not a great choice.

Tier 5

Grohk: Has been nerfed into oblivion, unfortunately.

Grover: Grover has some decent damage and healing but is edged out by the fact that there are better supports.

Moki: Moki is distinctly average and that isn’t good enough.

Ruckus: Ruckes is pretty good at dealing out damage and has an okay shield but there are heroes who do these things far better.

Tier 6

Skye: She can pick off one target but lacks the damage potential to do so regularly. Avoid the bottom of this Paladins tier list.