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Eve Online Beginner’s Guide – An New Players Guide to Help You Get Started

This is it; you’re finally ready to make a name for yourself amongst the stars. Not only are you ready, but you are also bursting at the seams just to get started. The only problem is you’re feeling a bit lost. If only there were an Eve Online beginner’s guide to help you get started. After all, you can’t just ask Eve Online what to do. Well, feel confused no longer, here is a handy new player guide for you.

First Things First

Number 1, you have to create an account. This allows you to make three separate characters if you want to. If you have friends who already play, get them to invite you and use their link. It’ll net them some stuff.

Once you’ve done this you should to create your character. There are four main factions to choose from, but it is mostly just about choosing the one you like the look of in the long run. In the more immediate term though, the factions have individual skills and specialities. Each one has strengths in both space warfare and a more digital battlefield. There are some differences to begin with, but by the late game, they’ll be ironed out. Once you are at a level that is high enough there are no worthwhile differences between them, so just go for the fashion.

Next is choosing your Bloodline. This affects your choice of NPC corporation once you have made it past the intro parts. Once again though, this choice doesn’t affect anything else, so don’t stress. Finally, we have the School, this determines which solar system you start in. So it has a small impact. The most important thing, though, is still the look. None of this stuff comes to much once you’ve sunk some hours in.

Can I Play Now?

Yes. It wouldn’t be much of an Eve Online beginner’s guide if we left it there, though. Now you can go through the tutorial. This is nigh-on essential to you actually understanding anything that you are doing, so stick with it.

After this, you should visit the Career Agents. This lot will offer you a lot more information on how to play the game and what you should be doing. They also introduce you to some more of the PvE mechanics and generally help you get a feel for things.

These Career Agents are broken down into Industry, Business, Exploration, Military, and Advanced Military. They all offer a mission to help you get through; they are located right after the tutorial. After this, you should follow along with the Sisters of Eve mission arc The Blood-Stained Stars. This is a series of multiple missions which will give you lots of lore, and lots of time to improve, and become more powerful.

Skills to Pay the Bills

You can’t ask Eve Online what skills to train in first, it turns out the game isn’t all that responsive and someone will shoot you while you wait. Skills in Eve Online are trained in real time, this means you can set the skills you want to train in then log off, and come back when it’s done. You can even queue up skills so that for the next day they will just go one after the other. If you pay you can do it pretty much indefinitely. There are no best skills, the best thing to do is to figure out how you want to play and take the skills that suit. For example if you want to avoid combat, focus on navigation.

Become One Of Many

The most important thing to do in any MMORPG is to find like-minded people to help you through. An Eve Online beginner’s guide is a good start, but to know the kind of role you can fill and the people who you can help, the best thing to do is team up with people. In Eve Online these groups are called Corporations, which are huge groups of players that can genuinely change the game. So find one you like the look of and sign up. Once you have done this you just need to play the game. Go and find out the kind of pilot you want to be. Do you want to be a part of a trade federation, or would you rather become a feared pirate lord? The choice is yours.