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Chester is a 2D platformer with over 10 unlockable characters, RPG elements & leveling up system, loads of unlockables, around 50 levels, & 8 "styles" that allow the player to change the look of the game at will.

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Game description

Chester is a 2D platformer with over 10 unlockable characters, a light RPG element and leveling up system, loads of unlockables, around 50 levels, and 8 "styles" that allow the player to change the look of the game at will. These styles include sketchbook, 8-bit, LCD, blueprints, and many more. They also each give a unique gameplay bonus to the player. The game also includes 4 difficulty levels so that almost anyone can beat the game or get a very challenging experience out of it.

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Brilliant Blue-G
Brilliant Blue-G
Brilliant Blue-G
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Customer notes
[Purchase Chester & get a free steam key of 'Chester United' if it is green-lit!](http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92922515) Free demo of Chester United when you buy Chester!
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Reviews for Chester

A Platformer on the PC that can actually keep my attention?

This is a rare feat. Super Meat Boy managed it with its effortless retry system and high level of difficulty. So what does Chester do right? Weirdness, art style, and progression. Chester is all about unlocking new characters, collecting items, and exploring strange worlds with malleable art styles. It's like on gimmick and high on content, which is an enjoyable change from games like "And Yet It Moves" which I've banished to my "Platformer Hell" category on Steam.

Platforming with a twist

Chester is essentially an average platform game, but toss in switchable characters and visual styles, and you'll have something rather interesting on your hands. Having originally been a console only title, this one doesn't have the typical problems associated with most ports, and that alone warrants it worth a look. Great controls and sharp, crisp graphics make this one a pure joy to play, and absolutely zero lag during frantic action make Chester an easy keeper. The sounds are top-notch, and those only serve to make play fast and insane on the higher difficulty levels, as everything speeds up. The game is easy to get into, but incredibly hard to put down. My personal favourite style would have to be sketchbook, where it looks like you're flying through some random world you created while doodling during a study break at school. This game is, to put it mildly, a little bit too much fun.

An original platform

Chester is a very good platform game. In all the levels you must reach the end of the level fighting against many different enemies. During the game you can collect many secrets and get many stamps that are the coin you need to buy other characters or bonus in the shop. The original element of the game is the possibility to switch enviroment and character during the game: this ability allow you to use the best character to face each enemy, while the ability to change enviroment gives you different bonuses. Each character has a particular ability and can improve his skill defeating enemies and gaining experience.

A good 2D platformer

A good 2D platformer which was originally XBL only, The game itself is rather worthy of your time – 10 playable characters, 8 different aesthetic styles across about 50 madcap levels.

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