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Celebrate everything spooky with all the info you need to know about in-game events and brand new Halloween-filled expansions coming your way. Get ghostly this Halloween with Green Man Gaming.


$29.98 $14.99
Judgement Day

Judgement Day takes Los Santos into Halloween with the Obey 10F sports car, spooky Halloween masks, and limited time Halloween vehicles.


Festival of the Lost

This year Destiny 2's gone all Gundam with exclusive cosmetic rewards and spooky headless enemies to slay in this year's Festival of the Lost celebration.




$19.99 $10.00
Winters' Expansion

Take a further step into horror with the Winters' Expansion. Experience Rose's story 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village, see the game from a new perspective with third person mode, and get more arcade action in The Mercenaries Additional Orders.


Doktor's Curse

Ghoulish cosmetic items and a deadly Hide and Seek mode await Operators in this year's terrifying Doktor's Curse event.



Halloween Pass

The Wild West gets spooky with new a new hardcore mission, the return of the Halloween Pass 2, new All Hallows Call to Arms locations and much more.


Propnight Halloween

Propnight's drenched in a Halloween theme with new killers, updated maps, new animations, and so much more. It's never been spookier to hunt or be hunted.



$59.99 $6.00
Halloween in Fort Hope

Fort Hope's getting a Halloween makeover with spooky tunes, seasonal Supply Lines, and a cauldron to keep warm near.


The Web of the Jorogumo

Conquer infested horrors at the side of legendary warrior Meiko as you take on the deadly Yokai. It's time to save the Myre and earn a ton of loot.


Twilight Pack

The night comes alive with Planet Zoo's Twilight Pack,with brand new scenery, a new scenario, and five twilight animals that are sure to bring a taste of Halloween to your Zoo.