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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Styles

There are over 100 missions in the new open world third person shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands, part of the Tom Clancy franchise.

What is brilliant about the game, it is entirely non-scripted and each mission will be a unique experience for each individual player. There is no one right way to approach a mission and the game adapts to each player's choices and gaming style. If you like hanging back and take a more lethal sniping approach or if your style if rampaging into cramped buildings armed with a shotgun, then the game will mould to this.

This means that the game appeals to everyone of all gaming levels, especially those who are entering into the Ghost Recon series for the first time.

You can play single player or online with friends, so you can adapt to each other’s gameplay styles and working with your buddies to compliment each other on a mission. Maybe your friend will opt for a stealthy approach, whilst you might want to be covered by their sniping abilities as you march into enemy territory.

Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands AI Teammates

If you’re playing single player, you’ll still have your trusty Ghosts with your every step of way, waiting as backup. You can issue commands to your AI teammates on the field and they will react differently according to your gameplay.

The AI are extremely clever in Ghost Recon Wildlands and will read your movements and style, they will learn to react and adapt so they can support you in combat.

Enemy AIs are equally as perceptive and learn your movements. If they sense you are attacking from a distance, they will send out patrol cars to look for you. The same for if you get too close, they’ll bombard you, they want to make it hard for you, otherwise it wouldn’t be realistic.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gives players the unique and wonderful opportunity to make it their own, whilst cradling the most loved features in the Ghost Recon series.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gunsmith

A huge part of the Ghost Recon world is to be able to make it your own, which can be applied to both the gameplay and customising your hero.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands Map

When Ubisoft started to create the Ghost Recon Wildlands map, authenticity was at the core of what they wanted to achieve. The game is set in Bolivia in South America, which offers a desolate and raw setting that extends to all areas of the game.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World

The first Ghost Recon in the series to take on an open world gameplay. Ghost Recon Wildlands will be launching March 7th 2017 and will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Green Man Gaming