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Ghost Recon Wildlands Map

When Ubisoft started to create the Ghost Recon Wildlands map, authenticity was at the core of what they wanted to achieve. The game is set in Bolivia in South America, which offers a desolate and raw setting that extends to all areas of the game.

Bolivia offers extreme climate, which creates a variety in setting and allows gamers to experience different weather conditions. It was important to the team that they understood the behaviour of this country and its ecological diversity.

The Ghosts will be put through their paces in the thick humidity and crushing waves of rain that sweep across the Wildlands. In this endurance and stealth driven game, the map has to reflect the gripping ruthlessness of this country’s climate.

Ghost Recon

The location allowed for a diverse gameplay, as gamer choices have a domino effect and can result in traction of events, which are constantly manipulated by the weather conditions.

As well as the weather, Bolivia was chosen for its sweeping, exposed and stunning landscape, giving players the large scale that an open world needs. When in flight, you can really appreciate the expanse of the world, as you are able to explore villages, cartel controlled zones, drug factories and small community towns.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands map adheres to all the needs of any open world game, crossed with the trademark Ghost Recon feeling including smaller areas to explore, whilst employing a deafening sense of dread.

A beautiful looking game, which gives players the space, challenges and landscape to oppose spontaneous events, side missions and at the core, the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

Ubisoft unveiled the uniqueness and sheer diversity of this map, exploring white salt flats, cartel dominated areas, hilly deserts and creepy forests.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gunsmith

A huge part of the Ghost Recon world is to be able to make it your own, which can be applied to both the gameplay and customising your hero.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Meet The Ghosts

The Ghosts are a legendary Elite Special Operations team. They are the team that attack the heart of situations deemed dangerous and they are required to move quickly, silently and without hesitation.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World

The first Ghost Recon in the series to take on an open world gameplay. Ghost Recon Wildlands will be launching March 7th 2017 and will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Green Man Gaming